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Given' you something to fantasize about. Fetish is a pink all-over blend of crunchy jimmies, sexless, drags, stars, red jumbo hearts, sugar crystals, and mini edible gold glitter stars. Put her on anything you want to like off, we dare you.

> Ingredients:

Dextrose, maltodextrin, corn syrup, calcium stearate, tapioca dextrin, cocoa, carnauba wax, HMPC, bees wax, salt, mica based pearlescent pigments, corn starch, dextrin, sugar, rice flour, magnesium stearate, icing sugar, modified corn starch, fractionated palm kernel oil, vanillin, polysorbate 60, FD&C artificial colors, carrageenan, confectioner's glaze, glucose, soy lecithin, gum arabic, carboxy methyl cellulose gum, gellan gum, xanthan gum, tartaric acid, hydrogenated palm jernel oil, reduced protein whey (milk), vegetable oil, hydroxypropyl methycellulose and propylene glycol

> Contains: Milk, Soy