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Today is International Women's Day and we couldn't think of a better way to honor it than with our children and each other. We are women supporting women, coming together to create, collaborate and celebrate. We are mothers raising boys the same as girls, teaching our children to be bold and stay woke, that women's rights are human's rights and that love trumps hate. The future is female. The future is them. The future is bright! 

Now, let's start the party!

If you live/frequent anywhere on the Eastside, you've probably passed Ultra Violet Kids and done a double—even triple—take at their stunning storefront. And, if the vibrant and quirky outside impressed you, the inside is even better. We were so HAPPY to have partied in their space, dressing our littles in looks from their new collection. How 'bout those dolls though?


The partyware was inspired by the space, in other words, ALL OF THE THINGS. We mixed fun bright colors, marbled and striped, stars, unicorns and pops of gold. Tons of tassels, rainbow balloons and disco balls fit right in at this far-out fete.


The cookies were an homage to an illustration by Deva Pardue of For All Womankind we saw everywhere after the Women's March. Because when something inspires you, you make it into a cookie. (Well technically—you have The Dessert Pantry  make it into a cookie, we all have our strengths!)    

















The perfectly pink vagina cookies were purchased at the Bake America Great Again fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. Proving that cookies can change lives.  














And how can you possibly quit when you see these Donut Friend donuts? You donut, you cannot.

Our talented friends the Calligraphy Nerd  and Joan Hurwit made homemade signs that were more like mini works of art.

And what would a peaceful gathering of likeminded party people be without a Volkswagen Bus? And not just any Volkswagen Bus, a Traveling Photobus!

 Today, our hope is that you have as much fun celebrating the women in your lives as we did!

Rachel Huntington - Owner of Bonjour Fete - A party boutique





Event Styling and Planning: Royale Ziegler of But First, Party! @butfirstparty 
Party Goods: Rachel Huntington of Bonjour Fete  @bonjourfete
Photography: Billye Donya @billyedonya
Children's Clothing and Store: Ultra Violet Kids @ultravioletkids
Cookies: The Dessert Pantry  @thedessertpantry
Donuts: Donut Friend @donutfriend
Signage: Calligraphy Nerd  @calligraphynerd
Signage: Joan Hurwit  @joaniejoaniebalonie
Photobus: The Traveling Photobus @travelingphotobus
Femme Clinched Fist illustration: Deva Pardue @all_womankind

Rachel Huntington
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