We are thrilled to introduce our new signature line of superior party supplies! Bonjour Fête Signature delivers exquisite paper party products designed to elevate every festive occasion, bring celebrations to life, and life to celebrations.

Bonjour Fête premium paper plates to use for any occasion or party theme.

“After operating Bonjour Fête retail for seven years,” begins founder and CEO, Rachel Huntington. “I have touched and tested every party product out there. With this experience under my belt and a huge amount of joy in what I do, I’m proud to have developed the perfect products! The Signature line is made of sturdy, luscious FSC-certified paper in the most beautiful colors.” 

Bonjour Fete signature products

Our goal for this collection is to provide products that not only complement any party theme, but that refine any table. Say goodbye to the days of fêtes with flimsy partyware and tacky tablescapes. Featuring versatile colorways and a timeless design, our chic collection is your new go-to for all hosting endeavors.

Initiating our innovative line, we’ve released our party plates in six Bonjour Fête signature colors. So, without further ado, meet our Cherry Red, Petal Pink, Sky Blue, Black Noir, and Blanc White premium dinner plates!


Cherry red premium paper plates to use for a boy birthday party, gender neutral birthday party, Valentine's Day, or any occasion.

Our Cherry Red Premium Dinner Plates foster the perfect amount of elegance and excitement. Red is a festive hue that beautifully accentuates both holiday gatherings and kid’s birthday party themes. 

Signature bow napkins

We envision these plates at a Valentine’s Day party, layered with pink heart-shaped plates and napkins. For holiday dinners, we plan to pair them with red and white Christmas party supplies, our Signature Gold Cups, and our Signature Bow Napkins.

Red paper party plates to use for a vehicle theme party or farm theme party.

When it comes to everyday themes, it’s no secret that vehicles are a popular choice for boys’ birthday parties. So, we made sure that our red plates could pair with any firetruck party, car theme party, or train theme party. 

If you’re looking for gender-neutral party ideas, our cherry red plates are a wonderful option for celebrations as such. They’ll bring a bold pop of color to any farm-theme party, puppy party, or circus party. We suggest using them as a charger, especially under smaller thematic plates that have a unique shape.


Petal pink premium party plates to use for a princess party, ballerina party, tea party, adult birthday party, girl baby shower, and any occasion!

On the other side of the rainbow, you’ll find our Petal Pink Premium Dinner Plates. Pink has always been one of our signature colors, so we knew we couldn’t have a collection without it. A must-have for any girl’s birthday party or feminine fête!

The main color of the plates is a soft pastel pink. This makes them a practical pairing for ballerina parties, princess parties, and Parisian tea parties. However, it’s the hot pink border that really sets them apart. This subtle pop allows our plates to party with Barbie and other occasions that call for fierce and fabulous tablescapes. 

Speaking of fierce and fabulous, our petal pink plates are a staple for bachelorette parties and bridal showers. Take the flirty route and embellish them with cheetah print and hot pink bachelorette party decorations. Or, go soft and romantic by layering them with floral bridal shower party supplies.

Pink party plates to use for a tropical theme adult birthday party.

We also love pairing these plates with tropical party accents, especially those in a fun contrasting color like green or turquoise. A marvelous match for a Summer pool party or a tropical theme party.

However, these posh plates don’t just have fun in the sun! When February 14th rolls around, we picture them on a Valentine’s Day party table with red and pink party decorations. (And our Signature Bow Napkins, of course!)

One of the more obvious uses for our petal pink plates is a baby girl's baby shower. The classic colorway makes them ideal for layering with baby shower party supplies in any pattern or theme. If you’re throwing a gender reveal party, we love the idea of alternating them with our sky blue beauties below!


Sky blue party plates to use for a boy birthday party, boy baby shower, first birthday party, or any party theme!

There are plenty of party possibilities with our Sky Blue Premium Dinner Plates. The playful baby blue complements a variety of boy themes. While the royal blue lining adds a modern touch–perfect for more mature occasions.

Blue plates used for a first birthday party for a boy.

The whimsical hues are classic for boys’ birthday parties with themes like animals and under the sea. Since blue is a traditional choice for boys, these plates are perfect for baby boy celebrations. Use them at a boy’s first birthday party and a baby boy baby shower!

The soft baby blue color brings a sense of calmness and serenity to the table. Play this up with dreamy star-patterned baby shower supplies or contrast it with quirky blue baby shower decorations.

Additionally, the dynamic duo of blues allows them to accompany your 4th of July party supplies. From nautical theme parties to outdoor BBQs, use our sky blue plates all Summer long! 


Peach party plates to use for a kitty party, rollerskate party, daisy party, bridal shower, baby shower, or any occasion!

Our Sweet Peach Premium Dinner Plates are both chic and classic. Lined with metallic gold foil, play them up or down depending on the occasion. 

The pastel peach color is purr-fect for a kitty party, rollerskate party, and any kid’s theme in between. Since these plates feel more sophisticated overall, they complement a variety of adult birthday party themes, as well. From garden tea parties to safari soirées, there are plenty of opportunities to mix and match with them.  

Peach premium plates used for a floral theme bridal shower.

The romantic feel of these peach plates makes them ideal for bridal showers, especially those with a floral theme. And, if you plan to decorate with gold party decorations, the gold foil border on the plates will accentuate them beautifully! 

We also love them for gender-neutral baby shower themes. They’d make an effortless addition to a Peter Rabbit baby shower or an “up, up, and away” baby shower.


Black premium party plates to use at a space theme party, sports theme party, safari party, Halloween party, or NYE party!

From New Year’s Eve parties to Super Bowl tailgates, black is always a stylish party color. That’s why we made sure to include our stunning Black Noir Premium Dinner Plates in this collection.

Black party plates to use for a space theme party, sport theme party, or any party theme.

With their glossy finish and silver foil lining, our black plates will make any space theme party out of this world! They’d also make a showstopping statement at a racecar party, jungle party, or sports theme party. If your theme calls for vibrant colors and zany patterns, these plates will take your tablescape to the next level. 

A bold black plate is a staple for a variety of holidays as well. They’re fa-boo-lous for a Halloween party when paired with vintage Halloween decorations. And they’re dazzling for a New Year’s Eve party when paired with shimmery New Year’s Eve decor! 


Premium white dinner plates to use for a bridal shower, tea party, baby shower, or any occasion!

Another celebration staple, our Blanc White Signature Dinner Plates are full of similar versatility. The matte white provides lots of room to play with color, while the gold border ensures it makes a statement. 

Whether you’re throwing a tea party or a daisy party, these white paper plates are timeless. So, they work wonderfully for any adult or kid’s party.

Use them as a charger to accentuate plates with more vibrant colors. Or, play up the simplicity and create a dreamy white and gold setting. (A fabulous choice for a milestone birthday!)

White premium party plates to use for a wedding shower, anniversary party, or any party theme!

Similarly, our white plates are a magnifique match for weddings and bridal showers. Pair them with other gold and white party goods to create the most enchanting tablescape.

They’re also brilliant alongside shimmery holiday party supplies for New Year’s Eve or Christmas.


The newest addition to our Signature Line are our Emerald Green Signature Dinner Plates. Sure to be the envy of every party table, they pair beautifully with a variety of themes. We made sure to select a shade of green that was versatile enough to compliment tea parties, sports parties, camping parties, and more!

They feature a sleek gold foil trim; making them perfect for holiday parties ranging from St. Patrick's Day to Christmas. We especially love them alternated with our Blanc White and Cherry Red for elegant holiday dinner parties. 

Bonjour Fête premium party plates to use for any occasion and party theme!

Our signature collection is versatile and perfect for any occasion. It features high-quality designs and a stylish color palette that will be popular among party planners and modern mothers.

Signature party supplies.

We hope you enjoy our signature line of luxury party supplies as much as we do. We are excited to have you follow along on our journey, and can’t wait to share more exciting products soon! Xx