• How do I become a Party Points Member?+

    Joining Bonjour Fête’s Party Points Rewards Program is sweet and simple (and free)! Sign up using your email through our Rewards page. Whether you’re a loyal customer or a new guest of the party, anyone can join at any time—there is no minimum spend required to become a Member.

    Upon joining, you'll receive 25 points just like that! Each subsequent purchase made will count towards your point total. Just be sure to log in to your account to earn points, redeem points and enjoy the perks of being “on the list!”

  • How do I become a Party Pro or a VIP?+

    When you join the party, you'll begin as a Petite Planner. Through a variety of ways, you can ascend to higher tiers like Party Pro or VIP (Very Important Partier). To become a Party Pro, you will spend $500 in any given year. To become a VIP, you will spend $1,000. Tier status expires 1 year from the date you earned your first point and must be re-accrued each year thereafter.

    For example, if you earned VIP status on 01/02/22, you would keep that status through 01/02/23. If you were a Party Pro and then earned VIP status a few months later, your Premier status would be a year from the date you earned the new status.

    Each rolling year requires the customer to spend a certain amount to retain their status. A Party Pro must spend $125 in stores or on bonjourfete.com and a VIP must spend $300. If a customer does not spend this amount within the rolling year, the customer will revert to the tier below them.

  • Do my Party Points expire?+

    Nope! Bonjour Fête Party Points are yours forever—they don't expire!

  • How do I check my point balance?+

    Once logged in, you can check your point balance on both the Rewards page and your Account page. If you’re having trouble, or something doesn't seem correct, please email us at hello@bonjourfete.com

  • How do I earn Party Points?+

    Earn points each time you shop at bonjourfete.com or in-store at one of our three Los Angeles locations! Party Points are earned for every dollar you spend, excluding shipping fees and taxes (rounded down to the nearest dollar). Please allow 48-hours for points to appear on your Account page. Points can be earned when purchasing Gift Cards, however, additional points will not be earned when redeeming a Gift Card.

    Higher tiers earn points at a higher rate. Bonjour Fête Party Pros earn 1.25 points per $1 spent, and VIP’s earn 1.5 points per $1 spent.

    Please see "Ways to Earn Extra Party Points" for more fun ways to accrue additional Party Points.Please note, tier status can only be earned through purchases.

  • How do I use my points to redeem rewards?+

    Use your Party Points at checkout both in store or online to unlock and redeem discounts. You must purchase at least one item in order to redeem points for a discount.

    Checkout Instructions: Once logged in and ready to check out, visit the Party Points page to redeem your unique code for your discount. In the "Use My Party Points" section, select the amount of points you would like to redeem for a unique code to be generated. Copy and paste the code into the "discount code" section at checkout for the amount to be applied. Discounts are not eligible on shipping fees or taxes.

  • How do I know what tier I am?+

    Once logged in, you can check your tier on your Account page.

  • What about Returns?+

    Merchandise returns must be made in accordance with Bonjour Fête’s return policy. Upon return, the spend amount applied to your status for the original purchase will be deducted from your account.

  • I can't log into my account! What should I do?+

    Click "Forgot Password?" to reset your password. From there, you'll verify your email address and we'll lead you through the process and get you back into your account. If you experience further issues, please email us at hello@bonjourfete.com.

  • Can I transfer or merge my points between two separate accounts?+

    Unfortunately, you cannot transfer points between two accounts. You can accrue points on 2+ separate accounts (depending on which account/email you're logged in with while shopping), but we recommend only using one account to maximize your points!

  • I'm a Party Pro or VIP Member. How do I gain exclusive access to discounts, rewards and offers?+

    First off, merci for being a part of our community! For our Party Pro and VIP members, the best way to stay up-to-date on offerings is to subscribe to our email list. This is where you'll hear about offers, gifts and discounts that are exclusive to you. There are also VIP-only rewards marked on the Rewards page in the Redeem section. Additionally, watch for exclusive, product sneak-peeks and other fun surprises for our Party Pro’s and VIP's!

  • Do you offer a free birthday gift?+

    Oui oui! We love a good celebration! Please be sure to update your profile with your birthday month and make sure you're subscribe to our email list. At the beginning of your birthday month, you'll receive an email from us notifying you of the amount of points that have been added to your account. To redeem these points please follow the usual process noted above.

  • I have enough points! Why can't I redeem my points?+

    First, please make sure you're signed into the correct account prior to trying to redeem your points. If after signing in, you are still unable to properly redeem your points feel free to contact us at hello@bonjourfete.com and we will Party Point you in the right direction!

  • Are any products excluded from earning Party Points?+

    Yes, any installation service or delivery fee are excluded from earning Party Points. Some examples include; balloon garlands, mosaics, helium arches, balloon walls etc.