Most Popular New Birthday Party Themes In 2024

Planning your kid’s birthday party and need a brilliant birthday party theme? Since we’re all birthday enthusiasts at Bonjour Fête, we like to stay up-to-date on what’s poppin’ in the party scene. So, we’ve rounded up the best of the best–- the most popular party themes for every birthday boy or girl. 

From game-winning sports parties to groovy roller skate discos, you’re bound to find a theme your kid will love! So without further ado, let’s get this party started!


Life in plastic is fantastic, which is why Barbie parties are one of the top trends for 2024. To pull this party off, stock up on hot pink decorations and Barbie-theme party supplies. (Our Let’s Go Party napkins are essential for any Barbie bash!)

For more details on how to throw the ultimate Barbie birthday party, check out our blog post and the rest of our Barbie party collection!

LETS GO PARTY NAPKINS Bonjour Fete Napkins Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
LETS GO PARTY NAPKINS Bonjour Fete Napkins Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
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When it comes to kids birthday party supplies, it doesn’t get cuter than circus party goods. That’s why circus theme parties are one of our top picks for gender-neutral birthdays! 

Perfect for a variety of age groups and interests, this birthday theme is full of vibrant fun! 

We love all of the adorable animals on these circus plates and napkins. Both of which are made even cuter paired with the matching circus cups

We suggest tying it all together with our signature Sky Blue and Petal Pink Cabana Stripe Plates and Napkins. For more ideas, shop our entire circus collection here!


This next kid’s birthday party idea is perfect for any tiny dancer. To throw a ballet-themed party, you simply need a mix of pretty pink decorations and prima ballerina tableware. Some of our favorites are these pirouette paper plates, ballet slipper napkins, and this ballerina-themed garland that is tutu cute! 

Finally, we recommend embellishing your tasty treats and party food with our cute ballerina cupcake toppers. For more, chassé your way over to our collection of ballerina party supplies and en pointe decor.

BALLET CUPS Meri Meri Cups Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
BALLET THEMED CUPS Meri Meri Cups Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
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BALLET SLIPPERS NAPKINS Meri Meri Napkins Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
BALLET SLIPPERS NAPKINS Meri Meri Napkins Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
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Game on! If you’re celebrating a little athlete, go big with a sports-themed birthday party! You can choose from a football party, basketball party, baseball party, or soccer party. Or you can put them all together and shop our collection of sports party supplies to create the ultimate game day celebration!


Macaron, anyone? This Paris-themed birthday party inspired by the luxury Ladurée tearoom is one of our favorites. It’s perfect for any little girl who loves sweet treats and tea parties. For the entire Parisian party package, choose pistachio green decorations, a macaron cart centerpiece, and pretty pastel tableware

Shop the entire magnifique collection here


Whether your birthday boy loves trains, planes, race cars, or fire trucks; you can throw a wheely amazing celebration themed around his favorite vehicles!

A train-themed party is perfect for a first or second birthday because choo choo he’s one or two. All you need is a train-themed birthday garland and choo choo train shaped tableware. We also love this adorable set of train cupcake toppers and tins; perfect for making party treats extra special!

Another fired up fête idea is a celebration crafted around shiny red fire trucks. These fire truck shaped plates and napkins are a classic. Pair them with lots of red and yellow decorations, and you’ll have the best firetruck-themed birthday party on the block!

For good old-fashioned car parties, there are tons of routes you can take. This vintage-inspired car-themed party collection is wonderful for boys and girls. 

If these party themes still don’t float your boat, we’ve got truckloads of other vehicle themes to choose from here


Diving into this next party theme that’s oceans of fun for both boys and girls! Under the sea theme birthdays are always adorable, especially when they’re full of party supplies with cute sea creatures. 

We suggest stocking up on octopus plates and napkins, and pairing them with these smiling sea turtle plates and napkins. You can find even more under the sea party ideas by wading through the rest of our collection!


From princess parties to swan soirées, there are plenty of places to take a fairytale fête. To create an enchanting tablescape, we suggest layering our Petal Pink Dinner Plates with these darling carriage plates and swan napkins.

Feel free to add as many pink accents as you please. (Our Petal Pink Cabana Stripe Plates are très magnifique!) For more princess and fairytale party ideas, check out the rest of our collection!

SWAN SHAPED PLATES Meri Meri Plates Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
SWAN SHAPED PLATES Meri Meri Plates Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
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SWAN SHAPED NAPKINS Meri Meri Napkins Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
SWAN SHAPED NAPKINS Meri Meri Napkins Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
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If you’re celebrating a little astronaut, a space-themed birthday party is a guaranteed blast! To create an outer space atmosphere, decorate with some silvery space party garlands and cosmic balloons. Then, set your party table with some Black Noir Dinner Platesrocket ship plates and shiny silver cutlery. (Pro-tip: you can use silver spacey partyware for Robot and Video Games parties too!) 

And don’t let your guests take off without some stellar space-themed party favors! Find more must-haves from this collection here

10. 60's roller skate theme

Ready for a theme that’s guaranteed to let the good times roll? If you’re looking for a groovy celebration idea, throw a hot pink roller skate party!

For totally rad tableware, use our Haute Pink Checker plates and napkins alternated with roller skate shaped plates and happy face plates. Tie it all together with these happy face icon napkins!

For the cherry on top, we recommend including some ice cream party favors, because nothing goes better with skates than sweets. Need more inspo? Head over here to shop the whole hip hop roller skate party collection!

PINK CHECKERED SIGNATURE DINNER PLATES Bonjour Fete Plates Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies


If you’ve got a superhero-in-training at home, we’re here to save the day with all the best superhero party supplies and decorations you’ll need to bring this incredible theme to life.

Set the scene with a super hero garland, super hero party plates, and lightning bolt napkins. Boom!

And, don’t forget the superhero masks and costumes–a must-have for transforming into your superhero alter ego or striking a power pose in a photo booth. For more fun ideas, zap on over here to shop the whole collection!


This next theme calls for a journey to the Jurassic world! Dinosaur-themed birthday parties are always a hit, especially when they include dino-mite decorations like these colorful honeycomb dinosaurs.

You can also never go wrong with some dinosaur party plates, and napkins. To make your party t-rex-tra special, send your guests home with some dinosaur party games and favors! Shop it all, and more here!

(Photo Credit: Meri Meri)

13. puppy theme

When it comes to cute birthday ideas, it’s hard to beat a puppy pawty! Puppy-themed parties call for lots of puppy treats, (like dog bones and pup-cakes, of course!) So, be sure to set the table with pug plates, puppy napkins, and puppy cups.

14. kitty theme

On the flip side, kitty parties are just as cute! If your little one is more of a feline fiend, they'll adore these cat-themed party plates, cups, and napkins.

Pet-themed birthday parties are fetching for a variety of age groups. For more partyware and decor inspiration, shop the rest of our puppy party and kitty party collections!

CHEETAH DIE-CUT PLATES Meri Meri Plates Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies

15. safari theme

This theme is for all the party animals out there! If you’ve got a little boy or girl who loves to adventure, a safari-themed birthday party is the way to go. Simply decorate with animal-themed garlands and balloons, and set the table with lion plates and safari party napkins.

We also love this theme for baby showers, especially when it’s incorporated with camp party supplies like palm leaf tableware and adventure-themed party favors. For more safari party ideas, explore the rest of our collection!

(Photo Credit: Meri Meri)

That concludes our list of the most popular birthday party themes for kids. If you’re still hungry for more, head to to check out our full selection of Girl themes, Boy themes, Gender Neutral themes and even party themes for Adults! And, since we’re always on the lookout for fresh inspo, we promise to keep you in the loop with the best party tricks and tips as they arrive–simply sign up for our email list to be the first to know!

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