A sweets-themed party is perfect for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. The most popular party theme among sweet-lovers is an ice cream party. Fortunately, Bonjour Fête has the scoop on how to make your ice cream birthday party a success. From delicious ice cream party decorations to yummy ice cream-themed party ideas, we have all your DIY ice cream social needs. 

Ice cream party balloons and other ice cream party decorations.

If you’re wondering how to serve ice cream at a party, we have three words: ice cream bar! A sundae bar is an ideal way to offer a variety of flavors, either pre-scooped or in a tub. Make sure toppings are available too, provide classic ice cream sundae choices like sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. For an extra special touch, display ice cream cones in a stand or opt for cute ice cream bowls and spoons! 

Ice cream cart for an ice cream birthday party.

How to keep ice cream cold at a party? Consider using dry ice in a cooler or bucket! With this method, you can offer your guests tasty ice cream that won't melt or end up a sticky mess. Still, we recommend you stock up on ice cream party napkins

Another popular theme amongst dessert party enthusiasts is the cake decorating party! This is a wonderful option for anyone who loves to get their hands dirty. A cake decorating birthday party allows guests to get creative and then eat the fruits of their labor!

Birthday cake decoration ideas.

When it comes to how to host a cake decorating party, the first step is determining whether to supply guests with homemade cakes or store-bought. Whether you choose to bake or buy, make sure to have enough frosting to go around. Also, providing your pastry-chef party guests with cake decorations like sprinkles, icing and other edible touches is key. 

Next, you'll want to consider what kind of tools your guests will need to decorate the cakes. A great way to get started is with a simple cake-decorating kit. This typically includes a few pastry bags and tips, icing spatulas, and other pastry tools. 

Cake theme party supplies.

Ensure your cake decorating event is a success by stocking up on the necessary materials as well as decorations. Make sure to include some fun party supplies so guests can enjoy their sweet treats. These cake-shaped plates are the ideal finishing touch. Finally, every piece of culinary artwork needs a cake stand or cake plate to be displayed on!  

Laduree Paris theme party ideas.

We love how macaron party ideas bring an air of French sophistication to any gathering. Our Laduree party collection is the chicest way to accomplish this. Layer these signature colored plates with macaron tower napkins for the party table of your dreams. 

Paris theme party treats.

Macaron party favors.

Macaron surprise balls make beautiful party favors and this Laduree cart is an exquisite way to display them! And of course, it wouldn’t be a macaron party without macarons! Set out a variety of macarons for guests to sample and let them pick their favorite flavors. If you’re feeling creative, construct an elaborate macaron tower to wow your guests. Or, if you’re looking for a simpler option, Laduree macaron boxes make for a beautiful presentation and are sure to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth.

Sweets theme party ideas.

We hope our macaron theme ideas, ice cream party ideas, and cake decorating party ideas bring your sweet dreams to life! From our fête to yours, bon-bon chance! Xx

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