As far as fun Halloween traditions go, Boo Baskets are right up there with carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating! After all, what child wouldn’t enjoy a spooky goodie bag filled with exciting Halloween gifts? So, we’ve curated three spooky baskets with fantastic filler ideas for any guy, ghoul, or pup-kin. Feel free to recreate them exactly, or pick and choose your favorites to make a unique Halloween basket for your best boo. 

Halloween boo basket idea.

Vintage Halloween Boo Basket

This kids’ Halloween Boo Basket idea features classic Halloween icons, and is perfect for both girls or boys.

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  1. Ghost Felt Candy Bucket: A fabulous Halloween gift starts with a fa-boo-lous gift basket. This ghost candy bucket is too cute to spook! 
  2. Black And Orange Sparklettes: Our tried and true party favor for any occasion, these spooky sparklers are fun for kids and adults. 
  3. Knitted Halloween Kitten: The purr-fect kitten to cuddle all October long! 
  4. Halloween Clicker Toy: These little noisemakers have been around forever, which is why they’re a must-have for a vintage-themed Halloween gift basket. Be sure to snag a few extras, because they’re great non-candy alternatives to have for trick-or-treaters.  
  5. Tangerine Treat Bath Fizz: This double-double-toil-and-bubble bath fizz smells sweet enough to eat!
  6. Skeleton Balloon: We adore Halloween balloons, and this one is the most skele-fun! 
  7. Jack-O-Lantern Lollipop: Can you believe we’ve made it this far without sharing some Halloween candy picks? These lollipops are always a crowd pleaser, and they look spooky-cute displayed in a basket. 
  8. Vintage Halloween Crackers: You can never go wrong with a party cracker, especially when they’re this adorable. 
  9. Trick Or Treat Party Crown: This headband is crucial for any spooky celebration. And it’s great in a pinch if you’re in need of a last minute Halloween costume! 
  10. Scary Delight Marshmallow Lollipop: Gooey, chewy Halloween-themed marshmallows on a stick? Yes, please! 
  11. Mini Pumpkin Piñata: An exciting way to hold smaller Halloween treats, like Candy Corn. 
  12. Black Skull Lip Balm: Talk about freaky fantastic! This lip balm is so cool we just might have to grab a couple for ourselves. 
  13. Mini Halloween Flashlight: We suggest including a trinket for your kiddos to bring trick-or-treating, and these mini flashlights are a good way to glow
  14. Vintage Halloween Surprise Balls: Surprise balls are like the gift that keeps on giving. Unwrapping them is half the fun, but finding all the treasures inside is what makes them a boo basket must-have. 
  15. Boo Canvas Banner: A classic vintage Halloween decoration–display in your child’s playroom, or trick-or-treat yourself to your very own!
  16. Happy Halloween Flag: These flags make the best party table centerpieces and photo-op props. 
  17. Countdown To Halloween Book: We always make sure to put a Halloween book in our boo baskets. This book counts down to Halloween night and includes fun Fall scenes with hidden objects to discover. 

Girl Boo Basket Idea.

Spooky Cute Girly Boo Basket

This boo basket is geared more towards the ghouly girls, but these gifts can be given to anybody! 

Pink Halloween boo basket ideas.

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  1. Black Cat Bucket: This darling bucket has lots of room for goodies, and it doubles as a trick-or-treating Halloween candy basket.
  2. Purple Ghost Balloon: The most stylish not-so-spooky Halloween decoration! 
  3. Pastel Halloween Spider Surprise Balls: These surprise balls are made to look like adorable pastel spiders. Need we say more? 
  4. Holographic Ghosts Stickers: Stickers are fab fillers because they can be used for all kinds of Halloween crafts. The holographic details in this set are especially eek-tastic!
  5. I Want Candy Party Crown: The perfect trick-or-treating accessory for gals who don’t mess around when it comes to candy. 
  6. Ghoulishly Sweet Ghost Marshmallows: Another tasty treat, set out a basket full of these candies and you’re guaranteed to be the ghostess with the mostess! 
  7. “No Such Thing” Book: We’re all for spooky silly stories, and this Halloween book is all about debunking ghostly mischief. 
  8. Spooky Ghost Lollipop: Candy is a ghoul's best friend, so don’t be afraid to go overboard on sweets. This cotton candy flavored lollipop is both darling and delicious!
  9. Pink Ghost Boo Canvas Banner: A must-have decoration for any pink Halloween fanatic.
  10. Halloween Coloring Poster: This crafty kit comes with two thrilling posters to color. We love the idea of displaying your kiddos finished work as a special DIY Halloween wall decoration. 
  11. Pink Skull Lip Balm: Every Hallow-queen needs a pink skull lip balm! 
  12. Pink Halloween Flag: Obviously we had to include a pink version of our spooktacular flag. And it doesn’t hurt that it looks particularly fabulous peeking out of a girly boo basket. 
  13. Halloween Mochi Squishies: If you’re on the haunt for festive fidgets, these Halloween stress toys are fantastic. 
  14. Pastel Halloween Mini Witch Hats: Everything’s cuter in mini form, and these witch hats are no exception! 
  15. Halloween Paper Playhouse: This paper playhouse is a Halloween craft and activity all in one. With changeable clothes, accessories, and decor, your little ghoul will be entertained for hours! 
  16. Candy Corn Mini Piñata: While you can’t eat this cute candy corn, you can pack it full of the classic Halloween treat! 
  17. Halloween Bat Bow Hair Clip: There’s just something so eerie-sistible about a glittery bat bow clip. Your little lady will love rocking this all throughout October. 
  18. Pink You’ve Been Boo’ed Kit: No more free printable “you’ve been booed” signs because this kit has everything you’ll need to spread Halloween cheer to all your friends and neighbors! We had to include this classic kit because it’s a fun activity to do as a family, and participate in during spooky season. 

Boo Boo’s Boo Basket 

Don’t forget your furry friend! Here are a few of our favorite dog boo basket ideas for your Hallow-weenie. 

Puppy Boo Basket ideas.


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  1. Collapsible Bowl: This stylish bowl is perfect for pups on the go!
  2. Happy Halloween Dog Collar Bandana: This reversible bandana is the perfect Halloween pawty accessory for pups that aren’t dressing up. 
  3. Bone Appetit Bandana Toy Set: This spooky-cute set comes with a squeaky toy and matching bandana. 
  4. Bat Dog Toy: This crinkley Halloween dog toy is sure to become your boo buddy’s new favorite. 
  5. Ghost Bites Biscuits: ‘Tis the season for pumpkin flavored anything, including dog treats, of course!

That’s all the spooky basket inspo we have for now! For more ideas, browse the rest of our Halloween party favors and boo baskets

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