Halloween is the perfect time to pour yourself a spooktacular beverage. Whether you’re brewing up a batch of Halloween party drinks or just want something fun for your kiddos to sip on, we’ve got you covered. (We even have tricks like spiking the punch to make them Halloween drinks for adults!) Here are our favorite Halloween drink ideas for kids and adults, as well as our picture-perfect presentation tips. So read on, and prepare to eat, drink, and be scary!

Halloween drink ideas.

Candy Corn Punch (Recipe sourced from High Heels And Grills)

This Halloween punch proves that you can have your candy corn and drink it too! The fabulous gradient effect may seem complex, but it just comes down to strategic liquid layering. 

Candy Corn Halloween Drink.

Start by filling your cup with ice, then, pour ⅓ orange Fanta, ⅓ lemon lime Powerade, and ⅓ zero-sugar lemon Vitamin Water. (You can substitute the soda for Sunny D orange juice if you don’t want all that bubble toil and trouble). 

The gradient happens when you layer the most sugar-dense liquid to the least sugar-dense liquid. So, make sure you pour them in order and skip on stirring.  We suggest making this drink in a clear cup to showcase all of the candy corn cuteness. 

These Happy Halloween flex cups are perfect because they’re shatterproof, reusable, and have the look of glass. And to make it all look even more skele-fun, we recommend garnishing with a marshmallow lollipop trio.

Halloween drink ideas.

Fang-tastic Vampire Float (Recipe sourced from Shaken Together)

This juicy blood red float is to die for! It’s especially popular amongst little vampires, so we know your kids will love it. We recommend serving it as a special after-school treat to get everyone excited for Halloween. 

And when we say everyone, we mean everyone! Just because this drink is catered toward the kiddos doesn’t mean the grownups won’t enjoy it (bloody mary, who?) Just add a shot of Malibu rum to amp up the adult fun! 

Half the thrill of this drink comes from the cool marbling, so be sure to choose another clear Halloween cup. All this recipe calls for is Hawaiian punch and a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream

The quantities and proportions are up to you, but don’t forget the embellishments. We suggest a straw, a set of vampire teeth, and some creepy candy like gummy body parts or gummy worms. Bloody brilliant, right?

Purple Potion Halloween drink.

Fizzy Purple Potion (Recipe sourced from The Speckled Palate

If you’re looking for a bewitching beverage for your Halloween cocktail party, this purple potion drink is for you. Although we took the kid-friendly route, you can add a splash of grape flavored vodka to boo’ze it upwe love those easy peasy cocktail recipes! 

Start with a full cup of ice, and then fill it with ⅓ cranberry juice, ⅓ grape juice, and ⅓ lemon La Croix, or any kind of sparkling water with a hint of lemon juice or lime juice. For the cocktail version, we suggest adding a splash of simple syrup to sweeten it up.   

Since this bubbly witches brew has three layers of flavors, we served it in a clear Cheers Witches cup. Then, to make it hex-tra special, we added a marshmallow lollipop on the side.

Halloween caramel apple drink idea.

Caramel Apple Cider Float (Recipe sourced from The Neighborhood Food Blog)

Say goodbye to your pumpkin spice lattes, because this caramel apple float is going to be your new Fall guilty pleasure. We dressed ours up with Halloween garnishes, but that doesn’t mean this drink is only appropriate for spooky season. Caramel and apple are classic Fall flavors, so this float is perfect for sipping on all Autumn long! 

Start with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, then fill your cup with ½ apple cider and ½ ginger ale. You can also substitute the ginger ale with ginger beer if you’re feeling boozey. 

Finally, drizzle some caramel syrup on top en voila! Easy as pumpkin pie! We made ours in this jack-o-lantern party cup and served it with some marshmallow ghost-garnished straws. 

Halloween drink ideas.

That wraps up our list of must-try Halloween drinks for kids and adults. You can find all of the party goodies we used here, as well as an array of other fabulous Halloween ideas. Cheers to a season full of spooky sippin’!

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