The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with beaucoup balloons! Here at Bonjour Fête, our hearts beat for any kind of balloon decoration, but February 14th is when we fall in love with them the most. From statement party decorations to gifted bouquets, there are tons of ways to incorporate balloons for Valentine’s Day

Here are some of our favorite installations from V-Day’s pasts, including a few helium balloon bouquets (AKA: the perfect gift for the special occasion). If you’re local to the LA area, feel free to stop by our Pacific Palisades or Studio City location to inquire about balloon delivery and pick-up near you! 

Red and pink Valentine's Day balloon bouquet.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, don’t be afraid to think outside the heart-shaped box! Trust us, an extra special balloon bouquet delivery never disappoints. Red and pink bouquets are a classic choice for V-Day. We recommend mixing solid-colored latex balloons with on-theme mylar balloons for a bouquet that pops (but not literally). 

Conversation heart balloon bouquet.

This is a balloon bundle that speaks for itself! Conversation hearts are even sweeter in balloon form, and they’re perfect for bringing a little more color to the holiday. We love the idea of sending balloons with a treat, so it would be tons of fun to tie this bouquet off with a box of sweethearts.

Rainbow Valentine's Day balloons.

Bright colors aren’t just for birthday balloons. If there are hearts involved, you can bring all the colors of the rainbow to Valentine’s Day! In fact, a rainbow balloon garland or bouquet would be fabulous for a classroom Valentine’s Day party. Especially when it’s paired with rainbow-themed partyware!

Black and red Valentine's Day balloons.

Now, neutral lovers– don’t be heartbroken! Although we’re crazy about color, there are many ways to incorporate darker tones into a V-Day celebration. There’s something so sultry about black and red, so decorating with balloons in this color combo would be brilliant for an adult Valentine’s Day dinner party. 

Valentine's Day balloon mosaic.

Balloons can come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no such thing as a heart too big. Though there are plenty of pre-made Valentine’s Day balloon options out there, it’s always fun to get creative. 

We made this lace-trimmed heart mosaic using petite red balloons in a variety of sizes. An installation like this would make a brilliant vintage Valentine's party decoration. (Or a swoon-worthy gift for those going grand with their V-day deliveries!)

 Valentine's Day heart balloons.

We can’t wait for Valentine’s Day and all of the heart-bursting balloon ideas it brings! Don’t forget to browse the rest of our balloon section, as well as our local balloon service options. From our fête to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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