Looking for party supplies to compliment any themed celebration? While solids are forever a go-to staple, they are trending now more than ever! In fact, we’ve found ourselves gravitating toward this fabulous striped tableware from Meri Meri anytime we have a party to plan. 

From ballerina birthdays to carnival-themed fêtes, it’s safe to say that stripes go great with anything. So, we’re revealing our new favorite party trick and showing you how to use stripes for any occasion.

Circus-themed party supplies set up for a kid's birthday party.

A circus-themed birthday party calls for lots of patterned party supplies. We stepped right up and paired our colorful mixed stripe paper plates with this adorable circus dinnerware set. Since the plates and utensils in the set also feature stripes, the two together make a playful pair; just the (carnival) ticket for a kid’s birthday party. 

However, a carnival isn’t just a good theme for little party animals. If you’re planning to celebrate with an older crowd, you can easily “adult-it-up” by switching out the dinnerware set for the coordinating side stripe plates. Just alternate the colors, and you’ll have a more elevated setting with the same zany feel.

Ballerina birthday party table set out with pink ballet-themed party supplies.

We adore an unexpected tablescape, so this ballerina birthday party was a dream! The shape of these ballet plates is silhouetted beautifully by our classic pink stripe ones. We tied the whole setting together by layering the matching pink stripe napkins with the rest of the ballet-theme party supplies. Tutu cute!

As pink enthusiasts, we may be biased, but those pink and white stripe plates are some of our favorites. Not only are they great for girl’s birthday parties, but also tea parties, baby showers, or Sweet 16 slumber parties.

Train-themed party supplies to use for a kid's birthday party.

Chugging right along to this next stripe-infused celebration. Train-themed parties are a classic for boy’s birthdays, but that doesn’t mean they all need to look alike. We suggest adding something atypical where you can, like we did here with our go-to stripe plates. 

They make the primary colors in the train plates and napkins pop, and they add a little extra dimension and style. This is an excellent idea to try if you don’t want to go all out with party decorations. A stylized table with lots of colors and patterns will bring all the eye-catching action you need!

Superhero-themed party set up for a boy's birthday party.

Speaking of action, this superhero birthday party theme is here to pack a punch! We’re obsessed with the bright colors and quirky shapes of these superhero plates, so we couldn’t resist breaking out our secret weapon.

We layered the large yellow stripe plates with the small blue ones, and embellished with the coordinating yellow napkins. While this trio is wonderful for a superhero celebration, it would be just as powerful for any boy’s birthday party idea.

Rainbow stripe party supplies and rainbow plates set out for a birthday party.

Now, let’s break into our pot of gold and talk about how wonderfully these stripes compliment a rainbow-themed party. For this simple tablescape, alternate the colors of plates, napkins, and cups at each setting. Then, tie it all together with some rainbow plates and endless amounts of confetti.

Space-themed party supplies set out for a kid's birthday party.

It didn’t take us light years to find the perfect cups to accompany this space-themed party. We went with our tried and true pattern, and chose to add some red stripe cups to the celebration. They compliment the flag on the astronaut napkins wonderfully, but don’t take focus away from the rest of the stellar tableware. This is a fabulous example of how stripes can orbit seamlessly in any setting.

Peppa Pig party supplies for a girl's birthday party.

If your little one wants a Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, or Minnie Mouse party; stripes are still a dependable option. Most of those lovable kid-friendly shows feature playful pastels, so incorporating some mint, pink, and purple stripes is a brilliant birthday idea. 

We opted for the pastel hues in our mixed set, and layered them with these adorable Peppa Pig plates and party favors. The perfect table setting for serving birthday cake, ice cream, and muddy puddle desserts, of course.

Nerf-themed party supplies for a boy's birthday party.

Forget escape rooms, Nerf wars are where all the fun’s at! Since Nerf blasters are popular with kids ages 0-100, a birthday party themed all around a Nerf battle is a guaranteed hit. The blue stripe plates resemble shooting targets so brilliantly, we couldn’t resist using them in this birthday bash. 

We accompanied them with speckled side plates, solid blue cups, and bright orange party fans. A bullseye birthday party setup, if you ask us. 

That concludes our stripey extravaganza for now, but we’re confident that there will be plenty of future parties in need of some pattern. We hope this has inspired you to stripe-up your celebrations. For more prints and patterned party ideas, shop the rest of our collection. From our fête to yours, bonne chance! 

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