Wanting to throw the ultimate boy’s birthday party? Then break out your blasters and darts, because nothing beats a Nerf war party! We celebrated a dynamic duo’s (including our CMO’s Royale Ziegler’s son Stellan) special day by organizing a birthday battle complete with all kinds of Nerf gun fun. 

Though this party theme isn’t a typical target here at Bonjour Fête, we accepted the challenge and definitely hit the bullseye. We’re sharing all the details, so read on for our sharp-shooting tips to throw the best Nerf gun birthday party around!

Nerf-themed birthday party balloon garland decoration.

Wondering where to aim when it comes to Nerf party decorations? Since bright orange and cobalt blue are the distinguished colors of the brand, we suggest using them anywhere and everywhere. Our friends at Pop Park City made this striking balloon garland that we draped along the pavilion at our party spot. 

While this particular battle was held at a park, balloons are still a brilliant Nerf party idea for indoor wars. We suggest something on the smaller side like this pre-made blue balloon garland kit.   Nerf birthday party decoration ideas using party fans and darts.

To elevate the look of the garland, we threw in some eye-catching action and loaded up on party fans and giant nerf darts. These foam darts are an essential part of any battle-themed bash. Fortunately, there’s no need to break out the power tools because you can recreate them yourself with some good DIY skills and minimal craft supplies.  

All you need is an armful of blue and orange pool noodles, and some duct tape of the same colors. Simply cut the noodles into three smaller pellets, and wrap the tips of each with a thick band of tape. And voila, you’ll have a magazine full of giant nerf darts to decorate the rest of your boy’s battle birthday party. Ready, aim, and fire away! 

Nerf birthday party ideas using jumbo balloons and orange and blue decorations.

The rest of your decor can be kept fairly minimal. After all, the real key to a sensational Nerf wars birthday party lies in the battle itself! We suggest a jumbo balloon and a few bunting fan garlands for final embellishments. (And if you're celebrating around the holidays, you can't go wrong with a Nerf-themed ornament). 

And if your celebration still doesn’t feel complete, you can never go wrong with aesthetically placed Nerf bullets. (Never thought we’d say that sentence!)

Inflatable obstacle course used for a Nerf-themed birthday party.

There are numerous ways to set up your party battleground, so let your creativity run wild. If you want to follow our lead, an inflatable obstacle course is a guaranteed blast! Though, as long as there’s enough room to race around and a few areas to bunker down, your troops shouldn’t have any complaints.

Nerf-themed party ideas for a boy's birthday party.

Perhaps the best part about a Nerf gun party is that there’s no headache over how to entertain. The party activity is already set in action, so all you need to do is supply the pretend weaponry. 

If you don’t want to bite the bullet and splurge on blasters for everyone, there’s no harm in having your party guests bring their own to battle. We recommend including a text box in the invitation asking that soldiers bring their favorite Nerf gun and a round of ammo.

Blue and orange tableware for a Nerf-themed birthday party.

Nerf birthday party supplies set out for a boy's birthday party.

Once the battle has concluded, your fighters will be ready to fuel back up, so ensure your table is set for a celebratory feast. We opted for blue stripes and speckles for this tablescape. These blue and white striped plates are ideal for this party theme because their stylish pattern perfectly resembles a shooting target. 

We layered them with cobalt blue cups, frenchie striped napkins, and speckled dessert plates. For aesthetic purposes, we think blue tones look best for table party supplies. However, if you’re still pining for a little orange, we suggest adding orange party fans along the center of the table.

Nerf birthday party cupcakes with matching toppers and wrappers.

While birthday cakes are always a classic, we chose to serve cupcakes for this shootin’ shindig. We adorned them with Nerf-themed wrappers and toppers, but any cupcake kit with bright colors will do. This superhero kit is one of our favorites, and works perfectly with this action-packed party theme. 

We showered each cupcake with rainbow sprinkles, and added a couple of gold number sparklers to celebrate our soon-to-be eight-year-olds. Opting for sparklers over traditional candles is a wonderful way to boost celebration excitement, especially for the birthday boy!

Nerf birthday party decorations using foam darts and orange and blue balloons.

When all the Nerf gun fun is done, ensure your guests leave with a keepsake commemorating the battle. Since badges of honor are hard to come by, recommend handing out some exciting party favors instead. Surprise balls and temporary tattoos are always a crowd pleaser.

However, we took a different approach with this birthday bash. Want to know our top secret party hack when it comes to celebrations with big crowds? Piñatas, piñatas, piñatas! 

Simply fill one up with treats and trinkets, and have your soldiers “fight” for their favors. It takes away the pressure of goodie bag planning, and adds to the activity itinerary!

Nerf gun party ideas for a boy's birthday.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our arsenal of Nerf birthday party ideas, and found some inspiration for your upcoming battle! For more celebration supplies and decorations, check out or other boy party themes. From our fête to yours, bonne chance! 

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