Joyeux Anniversaire Bonjour Fête Pacific Palisades

Bonjour, party people! Our Palisades Village Shoppe turns five on December 1, 2023! Cue the confetti cannons and pop the champagne!

I can truly say that every day since its opening has been filled with joie de vivre. In the spirit of celebrating our store’s anniversary, I’m unwrapping some of its greatest hits! Though there are countless memorable moments, here are some of my favorites:

1. Opening Day!

Like Santa’s elves, the fêtes worked late into the night November 30th to get everything ready for the big day. More endless to-do lists, hugs from my kids, and a touch of chaos than a fancy ribbon-cutting ceremony for this Los Angeles party shop!

2. The Annual Christmas Tree Lighting 

The annual Palisades Village Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony is a heartwarming tradition that unites the community in festive fun. Families gather as the Carusso team works its magic and graces us with weekend snow and costumed carolers. A special night filled with twinkling lights and snowy enchantment! While not as grand as the Village's tree, Bonjour Fête always displays a beautifully decorated (and probably pink) Christmas tree in its window.

3. Meri Meri x Ladurée Partyware Launch

Oui loved styling the store with Parisian flair to celebrate Meri Meri’s party collection with beloved macaron purveyors, Ladurée Paris. A perfect party complete with champagne, macarons, and plein de bon moments!

4. Building A Team With Endless Talent

Bonjour Fête’s retail team is the crème de la crème. I'm fortunate to work with skilled staff who genuinely look after each customer's needs. Whether a customer is looking to plan a party for their child, a dinner party for their friends, or simply hoping to find the perfect gift, our team has been a focal point in making that happen. 

5. Observing The Growth And Development Of Local Children

It is truly touching to witness the personal growth of the kiddos who frequently visit our shop over the years. As they come back again and again, our shop has become a familiar and comforting place for them. We are grateful for being part of the birthday and graduation celebrations, creating balloon art for schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Favorite Themes & Events We’ve Helped You Celebrate:

Gender Reveals: We have been privileged to assist with gender reveal celebrations for new babies all across Southern California! Excitedly, we talked to doctors and got secret info in envelopes. We used it to fill balloons or confetti cannons with pink or blue confetti for the big surprise. Even filling pinatas with various pink or blue treats! There is nothing that brings us more joy than being part of these special party planning moments.

100th Birthdays: Whenever we receive a call for one of these milestone birthday parties, we are absolutely amazed! Seeing happy family members celebrate a loved one's big accomplishment reminds us of the true meaning of life. Sometimes, adults avoid using number balloons that represent their age. But with an accomplishment as momentous as this, we always encourage them to GO FOR IT!

Unique Party Themes:

There is no theme or occasion we haven’t seen! From potty training celebrations and Oscar viewing parties to pet birthdays and Taylor Swift Eras Tour pre-concert soirées. Other notable party themes include American Ninja Warrior, The Beatles baby shower, Frida Kahlo. The party theme ideas our customers dream up are endless!

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the city of Pacific Palisades, CA with a variety of phenomenal businesses. So, if you’re visiting for the first time, here are my favorite local spots:

  • The Bay Theater: From the moment our sign went up, I knew this place was special. This luxury theater hosts frequent movie nights and they have all the best snacks! 
  • Sunday Farmer’s Market at Palisades Village: Is there anything better than California fresh produce and flowers? 
  • Edo Bites: The E. Baldis Famous Roasted Chicken Salad is a must-order!
  • Erewhon: Looking for a healthy treat? Erewhon’s wide-ranging hot bar does not disappoint nor does their cult favorite smoothie bar. 
  • Blue Ribbon Sushi: For sushi lovers, this is a must as is the crispy rice spicy tuna.
  • Alfred’s: Who wouldn’t get an iced vanilla latte every day when the best coffee shop is within walking distance?

It goes without saying that this fantastic journey to five years young wouldn't be half as fun without you, our incredible community. You're the sprinkle on our cupcake and the cherry on top! Your contagious enthusiasm adds fuel to our passion, and we're beyond thrilled to have you cheering our small business on.

The future's looking bright, and we're revved up to keep the celebration going; spinning out countless reasons for us all to raise our hands in joy! Get ready to be blown away by new additions to our signature party supplies range! Our all-woman team has poured their hearts and creativity into designing these one-of-a-kind pieces that will make your celebrations truly unforgettable. But that's not all! 

We've also teamed up with some of your favorite small brands and media giants to bring you collaborations in 2024 that will leave you speechless. Imagine commercial themes with unexpected design twists, creating a whole new level of party perfection. Whether you're throwing a birthday bash or hosting a special event, our party supplies will add that extra touch of magic.

So, let's raise our virtual glasses once again and toast to another incredible 5 years. I am beyond grateful for your support and can't wait to continue bringing you even more tools to keep the celebrations going. 

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of awesome experiences, cool surprises, and oodles of celebrations. Cheers to the future! 🎉🥂✨

XO, Rachel Huntington & The Fêtes