How To Throw The Perfect Pickleball Party

If you’re searching for a fabulously fun party idea, you can never go wrong with a few dinks and drinks! Pickleball, a sport combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its engaging gameplay and quirky aesthetic make it the perfect party theme for all kinds of gatherings and celebrations. 

We’re sharing our top tips for hosting an unforgettable pickleball-themed party. From finding the perfect invitations to preparing the tastiest post-match treats, here’s how to throw the best pickleball bash! 

Pickleball Party Invitations

An exciting party starts with an exciting invitation. We recommend building anticipation for your fête with a fun invitation that embodies the party theme. Cue: Our downloadable pickleball party invite!

Inspired by our Le Pickleball Small Plates, this invitation design perfectly accompanies our pickleball party collection. It features a chic petal pink and emerald green color scheme– the ideal color palette for any pickleball event. (Quick party tip: purchase our Le Pickleball Party Kit to get the invitation template AND a coordinating printable banner for free!)

Pickleball Party Decorations

Set the tone for your celebration with an array of pickleball-themed decorations. We suggest sticking with the pink and green palette and decorating with balloons, floral arrangements, and quirky signage. 

For our pickleball party, Sara, from Pop Park City, made this minimalistic balloon wall complete with cute pink and green ribbon accents. To play up the fun, she incorporated these light-up letters from Alpha Lit to spell out ‘DINK,’ (a popular pickleball slang term). 

We love using floral arrangements for every fête, so Shawn, from Flower Bar Co, created these stunning pink bouquets that we displayed on our party table. In keeping with the theme, she even popped a few buds into some pickleball balls–a fabulous DIY decoration. 

Pickleball Party Tablescape

For this celebration, the party table is the real MVP. We recommend starting with a pink-striped table runner. Then, alternate some Emerald Green Cabana Stripe Plates and Napkins with some Petal Pink Cabana Stripe Plates and Napkins at each setting. Complete the look by layering Le Pickleball Small Plates on top, en voila! 

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Pickleball Party Treats

Pickleball pairs best with dainty desserts, so be sure to serve some color-coordinating cupcakes or macarons. We opted for these adorable mini cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy, and embellished them with their delicious pink and green lollipops. 

Pickleball Party Activities 

No pickleball party is complete without a little gameplay! We recommend having a tournament be the main event of your celebration. Depending on the preferences of your guests, divide players into teams or pairs based on skill level or at random. Be sure to keep track of scores and award prizes for winners to level up the excitement.

We hope we’ve inspired you to plan a pickleball bash! All in all, it’s a fantastic way to celebrate the sport, enjoy the company of friends and family, and create lasting memories. For more exciting pickleball party ideas, check out the rest of our collection. From our fête to yours, bonne chance! 

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