If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I find Peppa Pig party supplies?” you’ve come to the right place. Bonjour Fête has all of the Peppa Pig party supplies, Peppa Pig decorations and Peppa Pig party ideas to host the best themed party ever!

Peppa Pig party decorations.

When it comes to Peppa Pig party ideas, we say the pinker the better. Go all out with a pink themed party and fill the room with party decorations in Peppa’s signature color. From balloons to tableware, streamers to banners, there are plenty of ways to create a blushing Peppa Pig atmosphere. 

This may leave some of you asking, “Can a boy have a Peppa Pig party?” And the answer is yes! Peppa and pink are not just for girls! So, if you want to add another color to the mix, we suggest bringing in other fun solid party supplies in teal or yellow.

Peppa Pig party supplies.


Peppa Pig birthday party supplies.

Set your party table with Peppa Pig-themed plates and cups. Add some fun finishing touches with colorful party hats, Peppa shaped balloons and party favors! Don't forget to add a festive Peppa Pig tablecloth for a truly complete Peppa Pig-themed party!

Peppa Pig party decorations.

Get creative with the party decorations. Here we created white balloon clouds to hang from the ceiling. To add a unique touch, we hung pink and purple heart-shaped umbrellas and iridescent fringe from the ceiling to create a whimsical, rainy day atmosphere inside the party. The end result was a cheeky and fun atmosphere that was perfect for the occasion.

Peppa Pig party favors.

Let the party guests have a blast with a Peppa Pig photo booth and dress up in Peppa Pig costumes. You can also do fun Peppa Pig DIYs, like making piggy-nose surprise balls. (Also great for a farm or pig birthday party!)

If you have a small group of singers, why not host a Peppa Pig themed sing-a-long? You and your choir can sing two classic Peppa Pig songs: the Peace and Harmony Song and the Bing Bong Song. Get your friends and family involved and enjoy some fun, Peppa-themed entertainment!

Another great party idea is hosting a sleep under. Gather sleeping bags and pillows for everyone. Create a cozy spot on the floor and watch Peppa Pig episodes together! This is a great way to bond and spend quality time together while having a good laugh.

Peppa Pig birthday cake ideas.

Don’t forget to add a cute Peppa Pig cake to your celebration! Make it extra special by decorating it with some favorite Peppa characters like George, Suzy Sheep, or Madame Gazelle!

Peppa Pig birthday party ideas.

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit different, consider making muddy puddles parfaits! Layer pudding, cookie crumbs, and duck picks in individual cups for a fun, Peppa Pig-themed treat!

We hope we’ve inspired you to throw the best Peppa Pig birthday party this side of the pond! For more perfect party ideas, check out the rest of our Peppa Pig party supply selection. From our fête to yours, bonne chance! Xx