Calling all witches and wizards! Are you looking for Harry Potter party ideas to throw the ultimate spellbound celebration? We’ve curated all the essentials you’ll need for the most enchanting Harry Potter birthday party or Halloween party. So, hold onto your broomsticks as we fly through all the best decoration ideas, party supplies, and magical tips and tricks. 

Harry Potter party balloon and banner setup


The first step in throwing the perfect Potter party? Create a whimsical, Wizarding world ambience. That means decorating with magical details, and serving up a feast on themed tableware! We recommend taking inspiration straight from the Harry Potter books to make your guests feel like they’re eating in the mystical great hall at Hogwarts. Simply light a few candles, drape a black tablecloth, and add wizard themed plates, napkins, and other Harry Potter party supplies.

Setting the table with Harry Potter themed party supplies


We love incorporating floral arrangements whenever possible, so we used this lovely bouquet in darker tones as our centerpiece. We also added a few shimmery black leaf sprays to make it look a little less pretty and a lot more spooky. For an extra touch of “witchiness,” we placed the arrangement in a spooky black cauldron. 

As for other details, we embellished our table-scape with enchanted potion bottles and crystal balls. We also draped some black gauze and a shiny gold moon and stars banner to really tie in the mystical theme.

Harry Potter Table Setting


Setting the table with a Harry Potter themed cauldron plate

We used these stunningly detailed paper cauldron plates, and paired them with gold glass plates to elevate the look of the table. Mixing paper with permanent glassware is one of our favorite party tricks to refine any tabletop. So needless to say, this Harry Potter themed party is spectacular for adults too! Not to mention, it makes party clean-up so easy!

Harry Potter party envelope napkins

Have you received your Hogwarts letter yet? Not a problem, we've got plenty of these Spellbound paper napkins to go around! They're a necessity for every witch or wizard’s place setting, and they’d make excellent DIY Harry Potter party invitations.

Harry Potter potion napkin

And if that isn't enough, potions class is in session with these perfect potion bottle napkins. Alternate them at each place setting to stylize your table-scape even more! These are especially perfect for a Harry Potter Halloween party, because they bring a mystical element to the celebration scene

Hanging Harry Potter Garland

Pop Park City girls

It’s crucial to immerse your party guests into the Wizarding world, so we used lots of Harry Potter party decorations, and layered them with a bewitching balloon garland. We worked with Pop Park City to create this whimsical installation, and matched our balloons to the color palette of our tableware. For a dimensional effect, we draped them in and out of cauldrons to look like potion bubbles. Who needs witch's brew when you’ve got balloons?

If you want to switch things up, we love the idea of going with specific Hogwarts house colors for your balloon garland. Think red and gold for Gryffendor, yellow and black for Hufflepuff, blue and bronze for Ravenclaw, and green and silver for Slytherin.

Which Harry Potter house are you? If you don’t know by now, you best pick up a sorting hat and figure it out!


Harry Potter Owl Banner

And to make your get-together an even bigger hoot, check out this fun owl banner. We love layering garlands and decorations with balloons to make exciting party backdrops. And if you wave your magic wand just right, you can put it all together for a fantastic DIY photo booth.

Cauldron plates with candy and popcorn

We can't forget the best part of any party: the food! We recommend serving some classic chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s jelly beans. And if you’re feeling creative, whip up some spooky green chocolate popcorn, and mix it with some Halloween candy, like eyeballs and gummy worms. The best part about these tasty treats, is you can easily pack them up in little goodie bags and send them home as party favors! 

Boys dressed as Harry Potter characters at party

However, our favorite part of throwing a Harry Potter party is the dress-up aspect. Encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite characters for a real bewitching bash!  

Harry Potter party setup

So, have we convinced you that you need to throw a Harry Potter themed wizard party yet? We know our own wizards had a magical time, and we can guarantee yours will too! For more ideas and inspiration, check out the rest of the collection!

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