If you’re looking for fun back to school party ideas, grab a pen and paper and take some notes! We teamed up with our baking besties at Flour Shop to throw the sweetest back-to-school bash. Featuring easy DIY decorations and A+ party treats, this celebration is the perfect start to the school year. 

We’re sharing all the expert details on this easy back-to-school party idea. From setting the best school theme party table to finding the tastiest after-school snacks, you’ll learn it all. So, read on, and get ready to make the start of the school year extra special! 

Back to school party decoration ideas.

When it comes to back-to-school party decorations, cute and crafty is the way to go. Start by setting the scene with a few simple school theme decorations like honeycomb pencils or school bus banners. Balloon garlands are also a fun idea, especially if you’re throwing a back-to-school party for the whole class. 

Back to school pencil vase.

Consider creating simple and affordable complimentary decorations using basic school supplies from the dollar store. Our friends at Gratitude Collab made this noteworthy pencil vase to display their equally exquisite bouquet.  

To recreate it, grab a few boxes of No. 2 pencils and a cylinder cement vase. Arrange each pencil vertically with the eraser side facing down, and use hot glue to secure them in place. Glue them side-by-side around the entire vase, en voila! Easy as 1-2-3! 

More than just a sharp decoration, DIY pencil vases make wonderful school gifts for teachers. Fill them with flowers or throw in some school supplies and gift cards to make a thoughtful and practical present. 

Back to school party supplies.


To create a visually appealing table setting, we recommend combining patterned decorations with back-to-school-themed supplies. We selected these school days plates, scrambled letter napkins, and pencil cups paired with a few neon accents. However, there are plenty of other grade-A party supplies to mix and match with. 

If you're looking for a cute breakfast idea to start off the back-to-school season, you don't need to plan a huge party. This idea is definitely worth giving a shot! For an extra special touch, top each place off with a treat for your kiddo to put in their lunch box. Something as simple as a rice krispie treat is a foolproof way to make the first day fabulous!

Since cute supplies + delicious desserts = the perfect party, we knew we needed to add Flour Shop to the equation. Their talented team made these darling pencil-shaped cookie pops for our BTS bash. Detailed desserts make the best party favors, so Flour Shop is our favorite place to go for all of our fêtes.

Apple cake.

While the pencil pops were delightful, the real apple of our eye was this too-cool-for-school apple explosion cake. Flour Shop went above and beyond and even added a fun sprinkle bomb inside of the cake. 

An apple-shaped cake of this caliber makes the coolest tabletop decoration/dessert in school. So, we suggest tying your entire celebration together with a similar back-to-school-themed food! 

We hope you’re as excited as we are to celebrate this school year! For more super-smart party ideas, check out the rest of our back-to-school supplies collection. From our fête to yours, bonne chance! 

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