Planning a fairy birthday party and looking for some fabulous new ideas? Fortunately, all you really need is a little faith, trust, pixie dust, and some enchanted fairy party supplies. We’re sharing our tips and tricks for throwing the best fairytale fête, (including some brilliant butterfly party ideas); so without further ado, let’s make some magic!

Fairies fly best outdoors, so we recommend hosting your celebration in nature. For this little pixie’s birthday, her mama threw an enchanted garden party complete with lots of floral and forest details. But our favorite fairy-themed decoration has to be this stunning balloon garland from Pop Park City layered with sparkly fairy wings.

Balloons always bring lots of whimsy and wonder to any party, so they’re crucial for fairy birthday celebrations. The talented ladies at Pop Park City created this brilliant installment using balloons in pastel pink, lavender, blue, and coral.

Then, for an extra touch of magic, they scattered translucent bubble balloons and shimmery fairy wings throughout. We love the idea of using girl’s fairy costume wings in party decor, because they can be used for dress-up fun after the celebration is over!

Butterfly birthday party decoration ideas.

Since fairies and butterflies are a match made in party heaven, you can incorporate something similar for a butterfly birthday party. You can place a pair of butterfly wings on your party guest's chair for some more fluttery fun! 

The Pop ladies also made an adorable mushroom balloon mosaic to incorporate some woodland elements. Finally, they finished this fabulous backdrop off with a giant “7” sign to commemorate the little fairy’s special day. 

While this enchanting installment is DIY-able, we’ve got something up our sleeve for those who don’t want to wing it. This pastel streamer and balloon party kit is easy to set up, and would look lovely in any fairy garden.

Butterfly party decoration ideas.

As for other fairy and butterfly party decorations, you can never go wrong with flowers. We suggest gathering a few vases in various sizes and shapes, and placing some wild floral arrangements in them. When choosing flowers, it’s best to go with all different colors and types– the more mismatched, the better. And once you line them all up, you’ll have a fabulous fairy-inspired centerpiece! 

Want to know our magic party trick for making any occasion feel a little more sophisticated? Table runners, table runners, table runners! Since purple and pixies are a match made in heaven, we suggest a runner in a shade of lilac. 

We love this checked table runner and the eclectic element it brings. That being said, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors. Trust us, avant-garde is fairy on-theme. 


This celebration calls for lots of sweet treats and pixie party food, so make sure your table is set for serving. We adore these pretty pastel fairy plates, and recommend pairing them with the coording napkins and cups. These toadstool napkins would also make an adorable addition, especially if you’re leaning towards a woodland fairy party theme. 

Butterfly party supplies set out for a girl's birthday party.

Butterfly party plates, napkins, and cups displayed on a butterfly birthday party table.

For a butterfly party, we suggest a similar pastel color scheme, and these enchanting butterfly plates, napkins, and cups. Add some butterfly theme party cupcakes, and you’ll have the most heart-fluttering fête!

One of our favorite parts about this party is the brimming candy cart. After all, even the tooth fairy has a sweet tooth! Just pick out your kiddo’s favorite candies, and display them in a few glass jars and bowls. We also suggest having a few treat cups nearby for your fairies to fill before they’re flying off making potions and playing party games.

While candy is important, a magical fairy birthday cake is crucial. We love the idea of using flowers and shimmery sprinkles to decorate. Then, for an extra touch of enchantment, we recommend adding some fairy-themed toppers.This set comes with seven darling cake toppers that you can arrange to create your own whimsical scene.     

When it’s time to bid your fairy guests farewell, be sure to send them home with a few pixie-perfect party favors. We suggest these glitter fairy wands or some pink floral crackers. 


Time flies when you’re having fun, and it looks like we’ve come to the end of our little fairy-themed party. We hope you’ve found some inspiration, and use these fairy party ideas for your petite pixie! 

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