While we don’t talk about Bruno, we do talk about bueno party ideas. And that’s why we’re letting you in on the latest and greatest party theme based on the brilliant Encanto movie. With all of its fabulous colors, catchy songs, and loveable characters, Encanto birthday parties are sure to be a huge hit this year. So, here’s everything you need to know to plan an Encanto themed party worthy of la familia Madrigal, themselves!

A proper Encanto party calls for lots of fiesta party supplies. Luckily, we’ve got lots of options to choose from. For decor, we went with a brightly colored balloon garland that is reminiscent of the Bougeuvilla adorning Casita, and layered a few cerise paper garlands throughout.

If you’re looking for a simple one-and-done option, this feliz party fan decoration kit or fiesta backdrop are fabulous. The key is to incorporate all the eye-catching colors in the film, so the more bright decorations you have, the better!

Butterfly balloon used as an Encanto birthday party decoration.

Butterflies symbolize transformation and enchantment, so it makes sense that they play a role in Encanto– and why they should play a role in your party space! This stunning foil butterfly balloon makes the perfect Encanto birthday decoration. Simply hang one or two among the rest of your decor, and your party will feel just as magical as Casita!

If you want to include more butterflies in your party, we have lots of other fluttery possibilities to explore. Feel free to incorporate some butterfly plates, napkins, and party favors, especially if you’re throwing a little girl’s Encanto birthday party!

Colorful bouquet and pink paper garlands used as Encanto party decor.

We adore using floral bouquets as birthday party decorations, so we used this fabulous multi-colored arrangement as our table centerpiece. Flowers are another huge element in the film, so be sure to add some bella flor anywhere you can! 

If you’re not up to using the real thing, some tissue paper flowers will do the trick. We love faux florals because they look just as fabulous, and can be reused time and time again. (Just don’t tell Isabela!) 

Fiesta-themed tableware set out for an Encanto birthday party.

Now let’s dive into this brilliant table-scape. To begin, we styled a colorful honeycomb garland with a Colombian-inspired throw, and draped them both along the center of the table. This is an excellent idea if you don’t have a table runner and want to try a little DIY!

Colorful plates, napkins, and cups set out for an Encanto birthday party.

Next, we set out some bright, eco-friendly bamboo plates. These plates in particular come in a pack of six and are a must-have for any party. The best part is, they’re reusable and dishwasher-safe, so you can break them out again at any other bright and colorful celebration. (Hello, Cinco de Mayo party!) 

We recommend pairing them with some matching reusable cups, rainbow straws, wooden cutlery, and some fiesta-themed napkins. And to add more variety, try alternating the colors and patterns at each place setting!

Place cards with Encanto characters' names on them for an easy and fun Encanto birthday party decoration.

One of our favorite parts about this party are the adorable place cards, complete with the Encanto characters’ names, of course. This detail is guaranteed to bring all the smiles to your party guests, especially the little Encanto fans. So get your calligraphy on, and make sure you don’t leave anyone out–even Bruno!

Hand painted maraca table accents set out as a fun fiesta decoration.

To add some extra spice to each setting, we suggest embellishing with these die-cut maraca accents. After all, no Encanto party is complete without a musical touch! And although these maracas don’t make any sound, they’re a fun way to inspire a little Encanto sing-a-long.

Looking for dishes to serve that are straight out of Encanto? Check out these inspired Columbian recipes that are sure to cook up some magic! 

Quick tip: to make your treats look extra appetizing, set them in a decorative bowl on top of a few patterned napkins or dishcloths. It’ll tie your decor together and make any food look a little more lavish.

You can't have an Encanto party without Luisa's donkeys! These adorable handmade mini burros piñatas can be filled with anything from small favor toys to candies!

And with that, you’ll be more than ready to throw your own Encanto-themed party! We’re still not over our Encanto obsession, so we hope to see lots and lots of celebrations inspired by the amazing film. 

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Acknowledgment: Some of the fiesta-inspired items highlighted in this blog have been designed around Mexican folk art, while Encanto takes place in Colombia.