Whether you’re planning a birthday party or holiday gathering, honeycomb decorations are a celebration staple! With their various style and color options, honeycomb paper decorations are versatile, inexpensive, and elevate even the simplest tablescapes. 

We’re sharing the best ways to party with these paper-light decorations, including a few easy DIY ideas to try out. (Who doesn’t love DIY decor bragging rights?) Read on for all the details, and be sure to browse our entire honeycomb party decor collection, here

Holiday Honeycomb Decorations

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day honeycomb hanging decorations for a Valentine's Day party.

While fresh flowers may be a go-to for Valentine’s Day, honeycomb hanging decorations are just as lovable. We reach for these honeycomb hearts every V-Day because they fill any party space or home with lots of love. We suggest hanging them above the dessert table or adding them to a Valentine’s Day photo booth.

Honeycomb heart-shaped decorations with a balloon garland for Valentine's Day.

Honey comb decorations provide an eye-catching 3D effect, so they’re fab to pair with all kinds of accents. These tissue paper hearts make balloon garlands pop (not literally, of course!) So if your V-Day party decorations include balloons, we recommend layering them alongside. 

But why stop at Valentine’s Day? These honeycomb heart decorations would look just as lovely at an anniversary party, baby shower, or little girl’s birthday. Since they’re easy to unfold and secure, you can reuse them for any party in need of some lovin’. 


Easter table decorations and honeycomb table decorations.

Easter bunny honeycomb decorations displayed on an Easter party table.

With all of the pastel colors and whimsical characters, honeycomb decorations compliment Easter wonderfully. These honeycomb Easter bunny decorations are darling, and their tissue paper pom pom tails make them even more adorable! 

The set comes with eight colored paper bunnies in various sizes, so they’d make a fun DIY honeycomb table decoration. You can line them across the length of the table, or pop them in a basket for a hoppy honeycomb centerpiece.

Easter honeycomb table decorations in the shape of Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, and a chicken.

When it comes to Easter gatherings, the more decor the merrier! This alternative Easter honeycomb set features two cute bunnies, a pair of striped eggs, a chick, and a hen. Full of farm animal charm, it’s also a great farm-themed birthday decoration idea!

Halloween & Thanksgiving

Honeycomb pumpkin decorations for Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration ideas.

Now let’s fast forward to Fall to discuss our favorite decoration for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. These honeycomb pumpkin decorations are the perfect Autumn accent for party tables, mantles, front doorsteps–the list goes on and on! They’re especially brilliant for filling space around your larger faux pumpkin or real gourd displays. 

While we love the ease of pre-made decorations, we’ll never turn down the chance to get crafty! Since pumpkins have the simple shape of a honeycomb ball, they’re one of the easier decorations to replicate. 

“The Things She Makes” has a fabulous how-to post for DIY paper honeycomb pumpkins. All you need is some orange tissue paper and a glue stick–easy as pumpkin pie! 


Honeycomb Christmas tree decorations used as a Christmas table decoration idea.

The best Christmas decorations are honeycomb Christmas decorations–especially those in the shape of tiny pine trees! This rainbow forest honeycomb tree set is a wonderful way to add color to your holiday decor.

We suggest lining them across your Christmas party table, and embellishing with tapered candles or fairy lights. The added brightness will bring out the sparkly star detail on top of each Christmas tree. Perfect for a merry and bright tablescape! 

Christmas honeycomb hanging decoration ideas.

Another holiday honeycomb must-have, these Christmas hanging decorations are brilliant for kids parties or family gatherings. Layer them over your Christmas dinner table, or above your front door for a touch of winter whimsy. 

Since honeycomb decorations bring so much charm and character, they also make great additions to balloon installations. We love the idea of nesting the accents in this set with a Christmas balloon garland or festive photo booth backdrop.  

Non-Holiday Honeycomb Decorations


Dinosaur honeycomb decorations used for a boy's dinosaur birthday party.

Looking for dino-mite dinosaur party ideas? These honeycomb dinosaurs are some of our favorite birthday party decorations ever! Perfect for a boy’s birthday party, we recommend scattering them across your tablescape or underneath a DIY balloon garland. Either way, be sure to snag some matching dinosaur cards to pop into party favor bags! 

Rainbow honeycomb table decoration idea for rainbow-themed parties.

If you’re celebrating a little girl (or any rainbow fanatic), this rainbow honeycomb decoration is très magnifique! It would make a magical addition to rainbow-themed birthday parties or baby showers.

Pineapple honeycomb party hats for a Summer party.

Honeycomb party supplies come in all shapes and sizes, so of course these pineapple party hats are a thing! Made to look like the top of a pineapple, these hats will add a quirky touch to your Summer party plans. Who needs paper lanterns and palm trees when you have accessories that are just as tropical!  

We hope we’ve inspired you to invite some honeycomb honeys to your future celebrations. You can find more fabulous honeycomb decoration ideas by shopping the rest of our party supply selection! Xx

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