Exciting things are in the works at Bonjour Fête, and we can't wait to share all the details! It's been a dream of ours to expand our small party business, and that dream is coming true with our amazing new warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah! Construction is still underway, but we're giving you a front row seat to all the behind-the-scenes action! 

Bonjour Fete owner at warehouse

Happy lady! Since COVID hit, a huge goal of our Founder and Creative Director Rachel Huntington's has been to move fulfillment out of the shops. At the moment, our team is pulling purchased party supplies and decor from each of the three stores and shipping them out from our flagship Studio City location. Totally inefficient!

Bonjour Fete warehouse shelving

Now, look at all of this space! We purchased used shelving from HOJ with plenty of room to build up. We're so ready to fill these racks with tons and tons of très chic party supplies, balloons, party goods, party stuff, holiday decorations, ALL the things! 

Bonjour Fete warehouse packaging shelves

We'll finally have enough storage to buy in bulk so you can too! We see you Christmas ornament and Halloween decor collectors! 

Bonjour Fete warehouse

But wait, let's back up a tiny bit and show you where it all beginsthe entrance! We can't wait to design a neon Bonjour Fête sign! Oh là là! 

Bonjour Fete Warehouse Pink Garage Doors

C'mon, did you really think we'd build the ultimate party supply warehouse without a pink door? We loved getting creative with the space and adding all sorts of Bonjour Blush design touches. (Did you know we have our own paint color by Dunn Edwards?)

Bonjour Fete warehouse pink office accents

Speaking of pink, check out this stunning window pane color in our future office space! We're thrilled to have this extra area to work, party and create content. 

Bonjour Fete office space

It may not look like much right now, but here's where we're going to build out a replica of the Bonjour Fête shoppe shelves so we don't have to disrupt customers during shoots. We can already picture the cutest party supply shelfies!

Bonjour Fete warehouse office space

And over here, we're building out a French-inspired wet bar! It will be super fun to style for entertaining setups, (Bonjour, dreamy holiday party inspo pics!) and to also enjoy the occasional French 75 at! 

Bonjour Fete warehouse pink grid ceiling

Since balloons are always part of the equation at Bonjour Fete, we had a custom pink grid ceiling built to contain them so that they don't float away! 

Bonjour Fete warehouse space blue stairs

Thought we would stick with just pink accents? No way, we also needed our signature navy blue somewhere! And we're so pleased with how the color looks on the stairs! 

Bonjour Fete office space

Here's some more behind-the-scenes of the overall aesthetic we're going forminimal and effortless, with pops of fun and color! 

Bonjour Fete warehouse wrapping station

Bonjour Fete warehouse wrapping station

What kind of party supply boutique would Bonjour Fête be if we didn't have designated wrapping stations? So much space to wrap all of your party treats and treasures! 

Bonjour Fete warehouse racks

We've been stocking up on holiday party supplies and decor like good little elves and cannot wait for the space to be completed! Don't worry, we'll keep you updated on all the progress! Xo Rachel and the Fêttes! 

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