Remember when we thought sitting with the adults for Thanksgiving dinner was “cooler” than kicking it at the kids table? Why on Earth did we ever want to leave the cute turkey tableware and fun Thanksgiving games?! 

We were reminded of just how good little gobblers have it when we styled these brilliant kids' Thanksgiving table ideas. We’re sharing them all, as well as our top treats and Thanksgiving table setting must-haves. So read on, because we’re here to show you that hosting a fun Thanksgiving fête is easy as pumpkin pie!

Speaking of pie, if there’s one thing the kids table needs, it’s a hearty serving of pumpkin pie-shaped balloons! This particular install calls for seven slices, but if you want to keep things simple, one or two filled with helium will do. They make the perfect kid-friendly Thanksgiving decoration, and they just might be cuter than any balloon on the Thanksgiving Day parade route.

The best Thanksgiving kids tables are covered in turkeys and treats, but we suggest saving room for flowers, too. Floral centerpieces just feel so grown-up, so your kiddos will love having an arrangement especially for them. We love the look of marigolds here, they add just enough playfulness and an autumnal pop of color.

Our talented friend, Shawn from Flower Bar Co, created a couple of small yellow bouquets that we displayed in this adorable turkey bucket. If you don’t want to splurge on multiple arrangements, you can simply snag a few bits from one and create a smaller bouquet for the kids.

As for additional Thanksgiving centerpieces, we recommend layering a few Fall-themed accents on top of a table runner, like this rust striped one and this pumpkin pie wooden garland we placed down the center of the table. 

To compliment the autumnal color palette, we added these fun mini pumpkin pie piñatas, but pine cones, glass candle holders, or faux white pumpkins would also do the trick. As long as the table setting feels light and playful, you’re gourd to go!

While it may seem as though we only have eyes for pie, we baked a caramel apple cake for our kids Thanksgiving dessert. It’s both delicious and aesthetically pleasing, so we suggest displaying it on a coordinating fallesque cake stand to complete your tablescape decor. After all, there’s nothing better than a table centerpiece you can eat! 

We got the recipe from Cake by Courtney, and our talented staffer, Holly, whipped up some mouthwatering caramel apples to go on top. That being said, these caramel apples alone make wonderful Thanksgiving treats for kids, so there won’t be any complaints if you serve them sans cake. Here’s how to DIY:

White Chocolate Cinnamon Caramel Apple Recipe

In a large bowl, combine a bag of unwrapped caramel candies with four tablespoons of heavy whipping cream. Melt them together and stir until you have a smooth mixture. Then, skewer some washed and dried green apples, and dip them into the caramel while it’s still warm. 

After dipping, place each apple on a wax paper-lined baking sheet and put them in the freezer to set. In a new bowl, melt a bag of white chocolate and stir to the same consistency as the caramel. Once melted, pull the apples back out of the freezer and dip them in the white chocolate until they’re coated evenly. 

Immediately after this dipping, dust each apple with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar, and place them back in the freezer for 5-10 minutes. Finish them off with an extra drizzle of white chocolate, and they’re ready to eat and enjoy!

GOLD OAK LEAF NAPKINS My Mind’s Eye Napkins Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
GOLD OAK LEAF NAPKINS My Mind’s Eye Napkins Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
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Give Thanks Birch Forks Bonjour Fete Party Supplies Thanksgiving Party Supplies
Give Thanks Birch Forks Bonjour Fete Party Supplies Thanksgiving Party Supplies
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Now let’s talk turkey–turkey tableware, that is. The kids table is the perfect place to bust out all the cute paper goods, so we suggest reserving the fine china for the grownups. (However, if you are using paperware for the adults table, you can never go wrong with a blue and white toile setting!) 

We’re huge advocates for layering plates, so we popped these turkey-shaped plates atop these larger gingham plates for each setting. More plates means more mashed potatoes and gravy, right?

To complete the tablescape, we added some oak leaf napkins, “Give Thanks” forks, and turkey paper cups. (Here’s something to be thankful for: we bundled four of these must-haves into one fabulous Thanksgiving kids’ table party kit! You’re welcome!)

thanksgiving table setting ideas with turkey plates and napkins

If you want your setting to feel a little more elevated, consider using these neutral turkey-shaped napkins and plates, instead. They offer the same playful energy but in a more subtle, minimalistic way. Complete the look with a honeycomb place card holder, en voilà! 

TURKEY NAPKINS Meri Meri Bonjour Fete - Party Supplies
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Now, you may be wondering what kind of food you should serve on this terrific tableware. Much to their dismay, little turkeys can’t survive on sweets alone. So we suggest serving something a bit healthier like these fruit cornucopias from Mom Trends

Thanksgiving Fruit Cornucopias Recipe

Recreating them is super easy. Simply fill a few waffle cones with an assortment of sliced grapes, oranges, strawberries, etc, en voila! Trust us, serve these and you’ll never see your kiddos more excited to eat fruit!

The key to the best kid’s Thanksgiving party is ensuring it’s stuffed with tons of fun activities. In true Bonjour Fête fashion, we went a little extra and included a small pumpkin pie-inspired ball pit from Party Fun Utah at our party. Although the kids adored it, there are plenty of simpler ways to keep them occu-pied. 

We love the turkey cups because they come with die-cut feathers to stick on as a little Thanksgiving craft. And if you really want to keep them busy, we suggest accompanying them with a turkey art activity or free printable coloring page. 

And once all the cup crafting is through, we recommend filling them with a tasty Thanksgiving drink like this harvest punch from Thyme and Joy.

Thanksgiving Harvest Punch Recipe

In a 2 gallon drink jar, pour 2 cups of apple cider and a dash of pumpkin pie spice. Whisk them together, then add what remains in the jug of apple cider as well as a gallon of ginger ale. Finally, add a few slices of apples, oranges, and frozen cranberries and stir gently. Chill the mixture for about 2-3 hours, and it’s ready to pour and serve!  

A Thanksgiving party without the favors is like green beans without the casserole (very disappointing). So make sure you snag something for the kids to take home like an adorable turkey headband or classic Thanksgiving cracker.

kids thanksgiving table ideas

That wraps up our top Thanksgiving table ideas for kids. We hope these tips have inspired you to make things extra special for your little turkeys. For more Thanksgiving party supplies and ideas, be sure to check out the rest of our collection!

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