Looking for premiere party food ideas for your LA event? Whether you’re planning a kid's birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event, treats from the Flour Shop cart are a mouthwatering must-have. A charming dessert catering idea, Flour Shop’s boutique treat cart brings its award-winning desserts to celebrations across Los Angeles. 

With various packages to suit different sizes and themes, Flour Shop’s dessert cart rental is perfect for any occasion. From push pops and ice cream sandwiches to cake balls and cookies, their treat cart packages offer plenty of possibilities.   

As if the bestselling desserts weren’t enough themselves, the Flour Shop cart also provides ease and style. Simply pick a package, and Flour Shop will handle all of the set-up, serving, and take-down. 

Prices may vary, but one thing’s for sure: Flour Shop’s dessert cart is a recipe for celebration success. And, if you really want to sweeten the deal, consider adding some balloons to the mix! 

Flour Shop cart with a Bonjour Fête rainbow balloon garland.

Now every celebration can have the best of both worlds because Bonjour Fête balloons are on the menu! We’ve partnered with Flour Shop to offer balloon garland decorations on any dessert cart rental. So, for an additional fee, our Los Angeles balloon delivery services can go à la carte (literally). 

With the addition of Bonjour Fête balloons, your celebration will be taken to new heights. Each of our garlands is carefully crafted, ensuring balloons that are pumped to perfection and expertly styled. No matter the type of event you’re hosting, these balloon garland decorations make for the most stunning dessert cart accent.

Flour Shop is known for its vibrant branding and colorful treats, and our coordinating balloon decorations have the same smile-inducing effect. With three rainbow-inspired color palettes and four size variations, there’s a garland to go with any party theme. Let’s break it down!

Rainbow dessert cart with a rainbow balloon garland decoration.

(Pictured: Standard 6’ Flour Shop Rainbow Balloon Garland)

The Flour Shop Rainbow garland is a staple choice, featuring the brand's signature teal, lime, yellow, orange, fuschia, and purple colors. A perfect match for the logo-adorned cart, this balloon garland ties the whole thing together. 

Pastel rainbow balloon garland decoration for a dessert cart.(Pictured: Deluxe 10’ Bonjour Fête Rainbow Balloon Garland)

If you prefer pastels, the Bonjour Fête rainbow garland is another tasteful option. The pastel rainbow color scheme makes it a wonderful accent for a baby shower or bridal shower dessert cart.  

Rainbow balloon arch decoration for a treat cart. (Pictured: Deluxe 6’ Classic Rainbow Balloon Garland)

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with our Classic Rainbow Balloon Garland. Crafted in traditional ROYGBIV colors, it’s also layered with white balloons in varying sizes.

Rainbow balloon decoration ideas for a dessert catering cart.(Pictured: Deluxe 6’ Classic Rainbow Balloon Garland)

For our custom balloons, you can choose the color and size (6' or 10'). You can also choose between a standard or deluxe formation for the balloon garland. (The deluxe formation makes a fuller/wider garland).   

Additionally, depending on your personal preference, our balloon artists can hang the garland on either side or above the cart. And if your occasion calls for it, fun accents like number balloons, foil character balloons or coordinating balloon bouquets are available upon request! 

So why settle for just a dessert cart when you can have a dessert cart adorned with a boutique balloon garland? It's the perfect combination of sweetness and whimsy, guaranteed to make your celebration memorable!

We are thrilled to be working with Flour Shop in bringing your dessert and decoration dreams to life! Find pricing and more information on our collaboration below. For order inquiries, contact Flour Shop at (Two weeks lead time is what the Flour Shop asks of the clients. There may be special circumstances when less than two weeks are accommodated).

Bonjour Fête balloon garland pricing for the Flour Shop dessert cart.Bonjour Fête balloon garland colors for the Flour Shop dessert cart.Bonjour Fête balloon garland styles for the Flour Shop dessert cart.Bonjour Fête balloon garland styles for the Flour Shop dessert cart.Bonjour Fête balloon installations in Los Angeles.Bonjour Fête balloon garland additions for the Flour Shop dessert cart.

For other balloon options, like custom installations or same-day delivery in Los Angeles, CA, please visit our catalog. Xx