Our goal has always been to celebrate the beautiful moments life has to offer. That goal seemed to take on a brighter, bigger, and bolder new light when Jennifer Barber twirled into our lives. Her warmth and positivity was contagious. Her passion for helping others and bringing people together was inspiring. Although Jennifer is no longer with us, her legacy and light lives on. 

We had the privilege of seeing this firsthand at Jennifer’s ethereal celebration of life. A fabulous community of women came together to bring a little bit of Jennifer’s magic to an event in her honor. The day was filled with so much love, laughter, (and lots of pink); a true testament that Jennifer’s spirit was all around. Since so much of her life was dedicated to creating meaningful celebrations, it seemed only right to memorialize her in this way.

Mara Mazder of Fuse Weddings and Events organized the celebration at the stunning River Bottoms Ranch. The picturesque landscape and bright white architecture was the perfect setting for the pink-themed party we all envisioned.

Holding the event in Park City felt fitting since it’s the city where Jennifer and much of her family resides. And, it was the place where she and her daughter, Sara founded their wonderfully renowned balloon company, Pop Park City.

Paving the way for future balloon businesses, Jennifer and Sara created a brand focused on bringing happiness and excitement with their phenomenal installations. This focus is still present in their talented employees who made the wonderful pink balloon garlands draped throughout the event.

Naturally, the entire celebration was brimming with balloons, balloons, and more balloons. This incredible installation that the Pop team crafted was one of our favorites. We layered a few shimmery hot pink garlands throughout to make it sparkle even more. 

Looking back, those spunky tinsel garlands practically shout “Jennifer!” They’re very reminiscent of her fabulous style and iconic outfits.

That being said, Jennifer’s vibrant style was the inspiration for the celebration dress code. Her sweet husband, Geoffrey, asked that guest’s dress be “as bright and colorful as her life!” Jennifer would’ve loved the spectacular turnout as her family and friends showed up in every color of the rainbow.

And what better way to compliment a rainbow celebration than with a rainbow-shaped balloon arch? Melody from Feathered Fox Designs flew in from California to create this breathtaking pink arch installation that smiled above the party. 

Melody expressed her admiration for the brilliant mother/daughter business Jennifer and Sara created; and how grateful she was for the entrepreneur bond they shared. It goes to show how many lives Jennifer touched, far beyond just her Utah community. 

Past the rainbow arch stood another striking installation. Amidst more pink balloons, Alpha Lit’s Tim and Julie set out their famous marquee letters to create an acronym we’ll hold close forever. “What Would Jennifer Do?”

The answer to that multifaceted question seemed to be everywhere. One of the most beautiful examples came from the talented Shawn Chamberlain of Flower Bar Co

She said that she thought of lining the walkway from the barn house to the patio with single stem roses in shades of pink. They led to a message reading, “choose kindness and a rose.” An invitation for guests to take one as a memento, or to pass one along. 

“Because that is the essence of Jennifer,” Shawn reflected, “she generously shared her kindness, warmth, friendship and love to all. I like to think Jennifer gave me that idea of lining the path with roses. She’s brilliantly creative and inspiring, and she will continue to inspire her very best qualities in others.”

Shawn made all of the florals for the celebration, curating arrangements full of pink ruffled petals and bows. The bouquets she designed were truly a signature of who Jennifer was, beautiful, bright, and bubbly.

Any celebration honoring Jennifer Barber needs to be fun-filled and exciting. That’s why Cortney and her team at House Party Collective brought a classic pink bounce house for both kids and adults to jump and enjoy. 

Having both worked with their daughters, Cortney reflected on how supportive Jennifer was right from the day they met. She said that Jennifer’s immaculate installations always left a special mark, and she’ll always think of her when they use this pink bounce house.

The bounce house was a crowd favorite, as were the sweet treats. The decked-out dessert cart was another House Party Collective addition, and held all of the deliciousness from Sweet Tooth Fairy. Darling pink Mickey Mouse-shaped macarons were served (a nod to Jennifer’s love for Disney), and the most delectable cupcakes, cake bites, and cookies. 

The planning team had Jennifer’s taste in mind for all of the party treats, but it was represented best in the sparkly pink soda bar. Jennifer’s love for dirty Diet Cokes was practically a personality trait, so it was crucial to have Thirst come and serve her signature soda. And while the combo of Diet Coke, lime, and coconut cream is delicious; her enthusiasm for the drink is what delighted us the most. 

Next to the soda bar, the brilliant band Changing Lanes graced us with music you couldn’t help but jump and jive to. With all the dancing, singing, and dirty Diet Coke drinking, we knew Jennifer was smiling and partying right there with us.

Tears were shed, laughs were had, and we’re grateful that every aspect of the event was captured by the brilliant Aubrey Taiese. Aubrey shared that she’ll always remember how Jennifer never greeted her, or let her leave without a hug. And when we reminisce on the evening through the photos she captured, we’re filled with the same warm, sentimental feeling of a classic Jennifer hug.

Jennifer’s celebration of life memorialized her perfectly. And we’re happy we can continue honoring her with the future Jennifer Barber Memorial Garden at the Encircle Heber home. Bronwyn Newport, the benefactor of the garden, made the heartwarming announcement and shared the intention behind it at the event.

In harmony with Jennifer’s character, the memorial will be both a safe place to meditate, and to gather and celebrate. Jennifer was an impactful ally of the LGBTQIA community, specifically through her work with Encircle. Bronwyn shared her hopes that “everyone who comes to the garden will feel her loving spirit of inclusion and joy.” 

To make a donation to the Jennifer Barber Memorial Garden, or to any of the non-profits Jennifer graciously supported, click here.

Celebrations truly bring people together, and we are so blessed to have known Jennifer and celebrate her in the beautiful way she deserved. Her light and love will be carried on, not only by the remarkable women who worked together in her honor, but by every life she touched. We love you, Jennifer, you’re our hero.

A note from our CEO:

A special appreciation to our incredible staff. When I started this business years ago, I would have never imagined the depths of friendship that would be established along the way. To put it simply, "I get by with a little help from my friends.” The overwhelming bond has never been more apparent than going through this tragic circumstance as a team. We will love harder and appreciate celebrating each day that much more. It is a privilege to experience these life moments with you all. Thank you for your support.
Rachel Huntington