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Tree Pop It Fidget Puzzle

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This three piece poppet puzzle comes in two colors. We offer primary or pastel and is an amazing quality. These will be a hit under the tree and they are easy to clean and care for. The Pop Fidget Toy pops just like reusable bubble wrap. Push the bubbles to hear it pop! Once pressed, the bubbles appear on the other side, ready to pop all over again. The hugely popular Pop Fidget Toy is trending with popular Tik Tok users and social media influencers – and it’s so satisfying to pop! Available in various shapes and sizes. SENSORY PLAY: Fidgeting with tactile sensory toys can help release restless energy. Fidget toys are self-regulation tools to help with focus, attention, calming and active listening (and they are so much fun!) PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS: The player who successfully forces the opponent to press the last bubble is the winner.