$150.00 USD

YAY! You have decided to hire us for a really fun balloon install.  We really love making them so we are thrilled to do it for YOU! 

Some important info you should know before confirming:

> Unfortunately, we cannot control mother nature. 
> Extremely hot conditions can cause balloons to deteriorate fast and/or pop.
> Balloons are also sensitive to extreme changes in temperature. 
> If your event is outside, please be aware that sun/wind/rain etc can put your balloons at risk. 

> We do our best to make sure the balloon installation is in best condition possible before we leave.
> However,  poppage can happen for any reason, including bees (yes, bees!) 
> Therefore, we are not responsible for any popping of balloons or deflation once we leave

> This deposit is non-refundable
> It confirms your date and ensures that we have the materials and personnel available for the job

By purchasing this deposit, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. 

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