Jellycat stuffed animals are perfect for those who love super soft, cute, and quirky toys! Since its conception in 1999, Jellycat toys have stood apart from other plush animal toy competitors because of their luxurious fabrics and innovative designs. With a variety of soft toys ranging from the cuddly Jellycat bunny to the silly Jellycat dino, there is nothing that compares to the loveable quirkiness of the Jellycat aesthetic. 

Bonjour Fêtes carefully curated Jellycat collection consists of the most popular Jellycat animal soft toys. These plush cuties make wonderful gifts for kids (and adults!) of all ages. Our massive selection of Jellycat bunnies, ducks, and chicks are perfect Easter basket stuffers! Jellycat soft toys even come in object form with zany out-of-the-box designs like party poppers!