Bethany Lowe is a family-owned brand specializing in vintage-inspired decor for home and holiday. Their commitment to building traditions and making memories radiates in their unique, artist-made pieces. In the early 1980s, Bethany Lowe saw a gap in the market for vintage holiday decorations, so she set out to curate a collection full of retro themes and primitive designs.

Heavily inspired by folk art, Bethany Lowe offers a variety of holiday decorations ranging from Halloween ghost buckets to retro Christmas figurines. Bonjour Fête’s curated collection features timeless decorations for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and even St. Patrick’s Day! Those who have a love for vintage nostalgia and traditional holiday decorations will adore Bethany Lowe’s beautiful offerings. Each piece is carefully crafted with extra attention to detail, making them perfect for luxury heirloom collectors.