Bonjour, hello, and welcome to the party! Rachel Huntington, Owner & Chief Creative Officer of Bonjour Fête here. Born and raised in Texas, the notion that ‘bigger is better’ was impressed upon me at an early age. And so, it should come as no surprise that when I became the mother of two lovable muses, and de facto party planner of their special occasions, I went BIG! (My present-day Los Angelino-self also recognizes that extravagance doesn’t mean compromising my values when it comes to celebrating responsibly and sustainably, more on that here. So, why the fête? Well, my premium party goods boutique was born in a basement in Montreal, Canada where I lived—not in the basement—with my family prior to landing in Sunny California, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Ze French? Croissants, macarons, soirées… oui!


Bonjour Fête, Hello Party for the English-speaking, was conceived as a way to alleviate the challenges of everyday entertaining, no uninspired, basic big-box offerings here. Instead, I offer you a unique and curated collection of my favorite things, as well as the tools and inspiration to throw your own beautiful and effortless event. I have lived in or traveled to many parts of the world, allowing me the opportunity to discover and deliver products you won't find just anywhere, and all in one place. My design sense and style are continuously evolving, but more often than not, I'm drawn to things that are colorful, layered, and a bit unexpected. I have a passion for prints and a strong eye for trends that I believe are represented in the products I've selected for you, my friends, and amazing clients. From one host to another, I hope you enjoy, cheers!




Bonjour Fête is a woman-owned premium party and gift boutique offering a curated and inspired solution for your everyday and holiday hosting needs.


Designed for the modern maker, mama, and millennial, our (LA Confidential-voted best party store) features a handpicked selection of high-quality tableware, party decor, favors, and gifts brought to you from around the globe.


Our eco-friendly balloon bar provides everything from biodegradable latex balloons to modern balloon bouquets and elaborate garlands for party decor that POPS!


As professional party enthusiasts, our event styling experts offer a range of party planning services.


Other talents include custom fringe backdrops, tassel garlands, balloon mosaics, gift wrapping, and more. If you can dream it, we can create it! Oh, and we have lots of candy. Unless we ate it!