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Bonjour! So, if you follow us, we're sure you know by now that we opened up our new shop in Studio City a couple of months ago! Still getting settled in and adjusting to a much bigger space, and constantly thankful we had the opportunity to expand! 

BUT we're here to tell you that designing a new space from floor to ceiling is no small task. We had no idea there were so many decisions to make. Paint, floors, light fixtures, and hardware. All needing to intertwine with each other and bring about this vision we've had in our heads! 

Picking out our hardware for this new space was always something that had intimidated us. We knew nothing about the good from the bad, what sizes we needed for everything, and if we'd be able to get everything in one place, because we definitely didn't have time to be running around picking up cabinet knobs from 5 different places all over town! 

Cue Emtek. We discovered Emtek through a Pinterest rabbit hole, and there was no going back after that. They had all the options we were looking for in the perfect color & finish to match the French, modern yet eclectic vibe we were going for! 

We immediately reached out to one of their reps and described our vision, and also let them know how overwhelmed we were. They immediately came back with suggestions and helped guide us in the right direction! 

We started with our front door.

 We knew immediately we wanted to go with a brushed gold look for the entire space, and we wanted our front door to make a statement. So obviously we painted it pink, and chose a large handle for a little extra drama. The Adelaide Mortise entry set in Satin Brass was the perfect choice and makes us happy every time we come in the front door! 

Once we had this staple piece picked out, we worked with the Emtek team to go further into the shop. 

We have a lot of cabinets in the shop, so picking out the right knobs for them was a big decision! 

Our big blue gift shelves were one of our favorite custom additions the the shop, and once we chose the Satin Brass finish for our front door, we knew we wanted to carry that same finish out throughout the shop. And there were so many options we loved for the cabinets, but after a lot of debate, the Emtek team helped us land on the Freestone Cabinet Knobs


We carried these knobs into our new balloon room as well, and they look just as pretty on pink cabinets as they do on blue!

This creative space also encompasses a craft area and gift wrap station. Continuing on this slightly mid-century, but mostly modern feel, we chose the Freestone Cabinet Pulls to compliment the knobs, and the Modern Brass Towel Bar with Square Rosette Plates to display our wrapping paper!

The final area to tackle was our front cash wrap stand, and as intimidating as this process was to start with, it got easier as we tackled one area at a time! 

We went with the Freestone Cabinet Pulls once more to finish off the space and really tie it all together. 

All in all, hardware shopping turned out to be a really fun journey for us, and we can't wait to start shopping for our newest location in the Pacific Palisades! We can't sing Emtek's praises enough for helping us through this process!


Bonjour Fete Gals 

Cortney Moore
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