Bonjour Fete: The Remodel Process with Caesarstone

Bonjour, everyone!

My name is Rachel Huntington! I am the owner of Bonjour Fete--a small, women-owned business, complete with a team of hard-working, creative babes, based out of Los Angeles, CA. While our brand has had an online presence since 2014, we have been a brick and mortar shop since November of 2016. Our first space was a little 900 sq ft shop, in which we all shared an office that doubled as our storage unit, and we loved every second of being in it. However, at the beginning of 2018 we realized we had just outgrown it.


Conveniently enough, the pet store next door to us was moving and their much bigger space was going up for rent! After a lot of thought, we decided to make the leap, and we are so thankful everyday that we did!


BUT we're here to tell you that designing a new space from floor to ceiling is no small task. We had no idea there were so many decisions to make. Paint, floors, light fixtures, countertops, and hardware. All needing to intertwine with each other and bring about this vision we've had in our heads!


Here are a few “before” photos of the space, before we started construction!

We’ve always thought of our brand as French, mostly modern (with a touch of mid-century thrown in) and slightly eclectic! And we wanted this space to reflect that in every detail, and also be cohesive!

And after a lot of work….


It was a process. Even though it was a much larger space, it took a lot of construction and re-designing to make it not feel closed off. We re-painted the walls a much brighter white, Cool December, by Dunn Edwards. We went with a light grey for the floors (also by Dunn Edwards, called December Sky. These steps definitely gave the space the open feeling we were searching for, and choosing/constructing all of our features was much easier after this!

For the front of our store, which houses most of our home decor & gifts, we chose to play off two of the blues in our branding color palette. A lighter blue for our gifting shelves (Country Air by Dunn Edwards) and a deeper navy for our front counter (Midnight Sun by Dunn Edwards), complete with some mid-century styled gold hardware from Emtek, to make this section a fun focal point for our shoppers before they make their way back into the shop for the paper party supplies! When drawing out the plans for our front counter space, this was the first time the question of “Oh, what are we going to do for countertops?” came up! Another decision to make! We had real marble countertops in our first shop, and while they were gorgeous, the longevity and durability of them just wasn’t great. Our counters (the front counter-especially) host a lot of activity--various products to be stocked, conversations with our shoppers, endlessly changing displays, surfaces for photoshoots (often with wine, cake, or something equally as messy!). So we knew we needed something that gave us the chic look we were looking for, but also had some force behind it that we didn’t have with the marble ones!

Cue Caesarstone! We had done a balloon installation for an event for Hedley & Bennett in downtown LA as we were in the process of designing our shop and noticed the surfaces for their kitchen. A place they were constantly cooking and spilling and hosting--and the counters were so pretty and looked FLAWLESS, even after all that activity! Obviously we had to ask where they were from. We did our research on Caesarstone later that day and we were certain this is the route we wanted to take!

We chose the Frosty Carrina, Honed style. It is just so insanely close to the marble we had before, but unlike that marble, these surfaces are scratch, crack, and stain resistant. And someone has already spilled wine on it, so we know for sure! ;) It gave us that classic French, but modern look we were going for!

After completing the renovation in the front of the store, we moved our focus to the balloon/craft room (which was originally just storage space). We removed the track lighting and added our light blue chandeliers, installed a sky light, and honed in on the design for this space. It was always a dream to have pink cabinets in here. We chose this pink paneling from Semihandmade and it couldn’t be more perfect. Once again, these cabinets are adorned with satin brass hardware from Emtek, and it may be our favorite area of the store!

Originally, we thought we would go with a different surface for this room, but the Frosty Carrina Honed just stuck in our heads so much that we decided to carry it out through the rest of our shop as well. And as much as we love change in our other aspects of design, we feel that this continuous surface gives our shop that cohesive feel we were going for in the beginning!

This is a room we had dreamed up for so long. Balloons have been a key part of our business since day one and we couldn’t be more grateful for an entire room for our team to get creative in (when we were accustomed to assembling 20 ft garlands in our aforementioned office/storage space in our old store)!


Last but not least, I have an office! An office with a door and that is clear of boxes most of the time. ;)


And of course it’s pink!

And most of the time, it has at least one cake!

Unbelievably grateful everyday that this is my job!

Au Revoir! 

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Picking Hardware with Emtek!


Bonjour! So, if you follow us, we're sure you know by now that we opened up our new shop in Studio City a couple of months ago! Still getting settled in and adjusting to a much bigger space, and constantly thankful we had the opportunity to expand! 

BUT we're here to tell you that designing a new space from floor to ceiling is no small task. We had no idea there were so many decisions to make. Paint, floors, light fixtures, and hardware. All needing to intertwine with each other and bring about this vision we've had in our heads! 

Picking out our hardware for this new space was always something that had intimidated us. We knew nothing about the good from the bad, what sizes we needed for everything, and if we'd be able to get everything in one place, because we definitely didn't have time to be running around picking up cabinet knobs from 5 different places all over town! 

Cue Emtek. We discovered Emtek through a Pinterest rabbit hole, and there was no going back after that. They had all the options we were looking for in the perfect color & finish to match the French, modern yet eclectic vibe we were going for! 

We immediately reached out to one of their reps and described our vision, and also let them know how overwhelmed we were. They immediately came back with suggestions and helped guide us in the right direction! 

We started with our front door.

 We knew immediately we wanted to go with a brushed gold look for the entire space, and we wanted our front door to make a statement. So obviously we painted it pink, and chose a large handle for a little extra drama. The Adelaide Mortise entry set in Satin Brass was the perfect choice and makes us happy every time we come in the front door! 

Once we had this staple piece picked out, we worked with the Emtek team to go further into the shop. 

We have a lot of cabinets in the shop, so picking out the right knobs for them was a big decision! 

Our big blue gift shelves were one of our favorite custom additions the the shop, and once we chose the Satin Brass finish for our front door, we knew we wanted to carry that same finish out throughout the shop. And there were so many options we loved for the cabinets, but after a lot of debate, the Emtek team helped us land on the Freestone Cabinet Knobs


We carried these knobs into our new balloon room as well, and they look just as pretty on pink cabinets as they do on blue!

This creative space also encompasses a craft area and gift wrap station. Continuing on this slightly mid-century, but mostly modern feel, we chose the Freestone Cabinet Pulls to compliment the knobs, and the Modern Brass Towel Bar with Square Rosette Plates to display our wrapping paper!

The final area to tackle was our front cash wrap stand, and as intimidating as this process was to start with, it got easier as we tackled one area at a time! 

We went with the Freestone Cabinet Pulls once more to finish off the space and really tie it all together. 

All in all, hardware shopping turned out to be a really fun journey for us, and we can't wait to start shopping for our newest location in the Pacific Palisades! We can't sing Emtek's praises enough for helping us through this process!


Bonjour Fete Gals 

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We started a blog! A real blog.

And, we are so excited to share all of our party tips, design and inspirations with you.

Keep your eye out for something fun coming soon!

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Rachel Huntington of Bonjour Fete and Royale Ziegler of But First Party New Years
To ring in 2018 But First, Party and I hosted a brunch at her home with some of our favorite "friendors." The informal fete was a throwback to basics—simple but beautiful food, florals and friends. 
Brunch table But First Party - Bonjour Fete 
The brunch tablescape was neutral (not pink, can you believe it?!) with hints of sage to tie into the greenery of the florals, which were full of leafy greens. 
 Dawn of Earth Baby Flowers
Dawn of Earth Baby Flowers is a floral goddess, and just a peach if you catch my drift! 
The Nesta Home napkins featured gold palm leaves that complimented the Foraged Home metal salt cellars and tab garland running down the table's center. 
Bonjour Fete and But First Party Lunch Party
Also, all of the L'entramise dinnerware and cutlery is disposable and recyclable, which makes for a super easy clean-up! 
Rachel Huntington of Bonjour Fete - But First Party Royale
The gorgeous Sorella Collective graze boards and pie were all vegan, organic and gluten-free, all part of the new leaf we (and likely many others) are looking to turn in the new year! Well, by we I mean Royale, haha! 
Sorella Cheese Board
Of course, we had to throw in some fun discoball and glitter aspects to the bar cart, because you can't have a NYD brunch without champagne! 
Disco Ball Bar Cart - Bonjour Fete - But First Party
Design/Planning: Royale Ziegler of But First, Party! @butfirstparty 
Photography: L&B Photography @landb_photography 
Florals (pictured): Dawn Schillinger of Earthbaby Flowers @earthbabyflowers 
Graze boards (pictured): Shelby and Savannah of Sorella Collective @sorellacollective 
Calligraphy: Proper Letter @properletter 
Dinnerware and glassware: L'entramise @lentramise 
Cutlery: Sophistiplate @sophistiplate 
Napkins: Nesta Home @nestahome
Cermaic candle holders, metal tab garland and salt cellars: Foraged Home @foragedhome 
Kiwi Cream Pie: (pictured) Alana Morshead of @hertableLA  
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But First, Party! X Bonjour Fête

Today is International Women's Day and we couldn't think of a better way to honor it than with our children and each other. We are women supporting women, coming together to create, collaborate and celebrate. We are mothers raising boys the same as girls, teaching our children to be bold and stay woke, that women's rights are human's rights and that love trumps hate. The future is female. The future is them. The future is bright! 

Now, let's start the party!

If you live/frequent anywhere on the Eastside, you've probably passed Ultra Violet Kids and done a double—even triple—take at their stunning storefront. And, if the vibrant and quirky outside impressed you, the inside is even better. We were so HAPPY to have partied in their space, dressing our littles in looks from their new collection. How 'bout those dolls though?


The partyware was inspired by the space, in other words, ALL OF THE THINGS. We mixed fun bright colors, marbled and striped, stars, unicorns and pops of gold. Tons of tassels, rainbow balloons and disco balls fit right in at this far-out fete.


The cookies were an homage to an illustration by Deva Pardue of For All Womankind we saw everywhere after the Women's March. Because when something inspires you, you make it into a cookie. (Well technically—you have The Dessert Pantry  make it into a cookie, we all have our strengths!)    

















The perfectly pink vagina cookies were purchased at the Bake America Great Again fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. Proving that cookies can change lives.  














And how can you possibly quit when you see these Donut Friend donuts? You donut, you cannot.

Our talented friends the Calligraphy Nerd  and Joan Hurwit made homemade signs that were more like mini works of art.

And what would a peaceful gathering of likeminded party people be without a Volkswagen Bus? And not just any Volkswagen Bus, a Traveling Photobus!

 Today, our hope is that you have as much fun celebrating the women in your lives as we did!

Rachel Huntington - Owner of Bonjour Fete - A party boutique





Event Styling and Planning: Royale Ziegler of But First, Party! @butfirstparty 
Party Goods: Rachel Huntington of Bonjour Fete  @bonjourfete
Photography: Billye Donya @billyedonya
Children's Clothing and Store: Ultra Violet Kids @ultravioletkids
Cookies: The Dessert Pantry  @thedessertpantry
Donuts: Donut Friend @donutfriend
Signage: Calligraphy Nerd  @calligraphynerd
Signage: Joan Hurwit  @joaniejoaniebalonie
Photobus: The Traveling Photobus @travelingphotobus
Femme Clinched Fist illustration: Deva Pardue @all_womankind

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It's Superbowl Sunday and you love to entertain. You're tasked with making meat and cheese chic, and beer beautiful, all the while showing a little team spirit. So, you ask yourself, "What would Gwyneth do?" and create the most Goop-inspired football spread the world has ever seen! And in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we're sharing the playbook...

Step One: Add a little team flair and a dash of green to a monochromic palate. We loved pairing the black and white stripes, a nod to the referee, with the football field placemats and team napkins and paper straws. We also used a chalkboard paper runner and a little chalk to chart out some plays right there on the table. 

Step Two: Elevate the appetizers. We used the "Art of the Cheese Plate" to help us build cheer-worthy crudités and charcuteries. Stick football-themed toothpicks in here and there and lace up your almonds for a little extra oomph!

Step Three: Flowers CAN make football pretty. We used trophy vessels for a winning combination.


Step Four: Get creative with the desserts. We called in a Hail Mary and grabbed pre-made grasshopper pudding jars from Lemonade and stacked football cookies on top of pistachio macaroons. 

Step Five: Dress the part. We threw on our favorite plaid shirts from Spritely Kids and instantly felt like we were lounging in style.

Finally, before the big game, we leave you with this: Clear vision. Full glasses. Can't lose.

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FEATURE: Thanksgiving - Inspired By This

Our girl Royale at But First, Party put together this amazing Thanksgiving cookie shoot using some of our fun party products. Check out Inspired By This for more details:


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FEATURE: Cyber Monday - Catch My Party

Pop. Fizz. Click!
Another winner by But First, Party. We had so much fun shooting this take on Cyber Monday.  Not only did we get to use our fun party products, we got to do it in store and benefit from all the good lighting! We definitely got click happy. Find out more at Catch My Party:


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Love is in the air and it's contagious. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays and boy have we got you covered. To start, our "Perfect Party Box" in Think Pink is ideal if you have some friends coming over to celebrate the day.  Everything you need to get you going - just add in some sweets and treats and you will be the talk of the town. 

Valentines Day Party Supplies Canada

If you are looking to put your own spin on things check out our Valentines collection where we have put together some of our favorite red and pink items for your browsing pleasure and don't forget these rad pink plates from Susty Party!  

All of the Susty Party items are made in the US and are compostable, non toxic and renewable! Yippee!
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There is so much to think about when planning a baby shower. Creating a guest list, choosing a location, and deciding on what food to serve.  Today I wanted to focus on the fun part...the THEME. So many ideas floating around on Pinterest and the web and it is easy to get bogged down with too many choices.   
I think a good place to star would be to choose a color scheme that makes you happy.  These pics are from my own shower when I was pregnant with my son, Charlie. My dear friend Hillary went with a citrus scheme and it was perfect for the outdoor California celebration. 

Decorations were kept simple with bowls of lemons and oranges and vibrant flowers.  Cupcake toppers were an easy way to add some fun patterns and some pops of color to classic cupcakes. 

The table centerpiece was an adorable elephant that topped a very appreciated diaper cake.  The best part? Everyone left with a large mason jar packed with homemade pickles to remember the day. 

Check out our citrus colored table & partyware for more inspiration.  
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 The Holidays are gearing up! The first snow has fallen, and our little "Elf on the Shelf" is making his debut in the morning. This year, we at Bonjour Fête want to make entertaining those kiddos a little bit easier with our fun Holiday collections. With our wide range of delightfully festive products, we know that there is something here for everyone. 

Since we are all going to blink and it will be over, spend less time doing dishes and more time celebrating with our partyware, or follow us on instagram for a peek at what inspires us during the busy season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Bonjour Fête! 




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Make a wish! Blowing out the candles is often the highlight of any birthday celebration. Parents, friends, siblings and grandparents get to join around the table to watch that special someone enjoy the final moments of the last remaining burning candle.  These are the moments to treasure and Boîte Fête wants to make sure they are full of color and flair. 

We aim to provide a wide selection of only the best products for our clients. These ultra-thin tapers from Creative Candles truly meet our standards.  They come in a rainbow of colors and at 6" high, these beauties will give your cake that extra pop.  They also have a slow smokeless and dripless burn so you don't have to worry about waxy messes.   Creative Candles are handcrafted in the USA by artisans who truly take pride in every production.    Click here to view our candle section. 

birthday candles seen in Oprah and Martha Stewart

Artisan birthday party candles

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