Spooky season is upon us, and that means it's time to throw a top tier Halloween party! The theme? Vintage Halloween. Think traditional orange and black, skeletons galore, and retro Halloween decor.

Vintage halloween table decor

In case we haven't made it clear enough already, the key to throwing a Vintage Halloween party is orange and black, orange and black, orange and black! We love this classic Halloween fringe banner, it's an easy Halloween party decoration that adds so much to a space. 

Vintage Halloween party hanging witch hats

And to elevate your party decor even more, check out this easy DIY witch hat halloween decoration! We hung inexpensive witch hats with fishing line to the ceiling for a fun and spooky effect. We also added ribbon and pom poms to make them party-ready and unique. 

Dead mans party skeleton decor

Nothing says BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY EVER! like smiling skeletons on the wall! These halloween jointed skeletons are sure to bring lots of thrills to your Halloween celebration! 

Dead Man's Party pumpkin decor

Hello, gourd-geous! Another must-have Halloween decoration is this pack of honeycomb pumpkins! They're easy to open and prop up, and add the cutest touch to your party space.

Vintage halloween party flower decor

We aim to keep our parties fun and on-theme while still being elevated. Our favorite way to do this is by adding a boo-tiful flower arrangement in our color scheme! To tie in the Halloween spirit, we added this cute boo flag! These little flags make the best halloween decorations, and can easily double as party favors! 

Dead mans party table decoration

Quick tip: if you want to spice things up even more, these flags look extra spooky in this skeleton hand!

Halloween party plates

Now let's talk tableware for your Halloween party! These vintage Halloween side plates are a must for retro vibes. They come in assorted classic Halloween characters and make such a cute statement on your table. 

Vintage Halloween party crackers

Another must-have to make your Halloween party the talk of the town: vintage halloween character crackers! Your guests will love the thrill of cracking them open and seeing the fun treats inside. These are essential for any Vintage Halloween party, but they're perfect for any kids Halloween party as well! 

Vintage halloween home decor

We love Halloween party decorations that can stay up all month long! These ghost candlesticks would look delightful on your Halloween party table, or on the mantle in your home! 

Vintage halloween party setup

The cherry on top to the perfect Halloween party is getting all dressed up! We love the classic witch look and think it ties into the vintage aesthetic wonderfully. 

Vintage halloween party setup

So, are you ready to throw the best Halloween party? You can't go wrong with this unique theme, we promise it'll be a graveyard smash! 

Vintage Halloween party collage