The sweetest way to celebrate love month is by stocking up on all the sugar! We dream about Valentine's Day candy all year long. So, now that the holiday is fast approaching, we're sharing our most favorite V-day treats. Whether you're looking for something sweet for your Valentine, or want to save all the sugary goodness for yourself, we guarantee you'll find something you'll love. 

Starting off with a Valentine's Day classic, and favorite among Sweet-tooths alike: Sugarfina sugar lips. Not only do these cute little boxed candies make a lovely gift, they're also the perfect combination of sweet and sour deliciousness! 

Since we're on the topic of chewy goodies, we've got tons of other similarly mouthwatering must-haves to share. You can never go wrong with gifting a box of strawberry gummy hearts to your Valentine, or popping open some Sugarfina champagne bears with your Galentines. 

If you like a little savory with your sweet, another bestselling Valentine's Day treat are these delish sweetheart pretzels. They're heart shaped, covered in yummy yogurt coating, and look adorable on a dessert charcuterie board. What more could you ask for? 

Let's face it, somehow candy tastes way better when it's aesthetically pleasing. We love anything from Candy Club because it's always tasty, adorable, and totally IG worthy. Any special someone in your life would love to receive an adorable jar of pastel gummy love letters or sour smooches!

Need more Valentine's Day gift inspo? We've got the perfect box of sweets for your sweetheart! This adorable candy tasting box includes 16 love letters with matching candies. A sensational way to show your special someone all the ways you love them! 

While cupcakes aren't technically candy, they're definitely an important part of the Valentine's Day food group and need a spot on our list. They're also loads of fun to make, especially when you have some fancy sprinkles and embellishments. We're obsessed with this Valentine's Day cupcake kit with the cutest coordinating toppers! Simple kits like these are the easiest way to put a little extra love into your baked goods! 

That being said, we also have another sweet and totally unique Valentine's Day gift idea! Show your love for the baking fanatic in your life by gifting a box of Valentine's inspired baking supplies. Just grab a cute box and fill it with a cupcake kit, some pink and red sprinkles, and a few heart shaped measuring cups. The perfect present for any sweet tooth/dessert-aholic! 

Okay, got a little sidetracked there, but there's nothing that brings us back to candy heaven like good old fashioned cherry Pop Rocks! These fizzy crackling candies are a fave for all ages, and we love this special vintage edition packaging for Valentine's Day. They make perfect handouts for your kid's valentines, or tasty treats to have at any Valentine's Day party! 

You can't celebrate Valentine's Day without the best kind of candy there is: Chocolate! Forget the overdone heart shaped box of chocolates and give your lover something much more gourmet. We're head over heels for these heavenly Valentine's Day chocolate bars from Sugarfina. They're not only criminally delicious, they make easy V-Day presents for anyone in your life. 

Valentine's Day can not come soon enough! We can't wait to pop open a few of these goodies, and we hope we've sent some mouthwatering inspiration your way. Here's to a sugarcoated season of love! Happy Valentine's Day!