Who's ready for a stress-free, yet totally Pinterest-worthy holiday celebration? We've got the recipe to cook up the Thanksgiving party of your dreams, complete with all things tasty and toile! 

Say Bonjour to blue toile, aka your new favorite tableware pattern. The elegance of toile brings a classic touch to any holiday party. Incorporate it with pumpkin finishes and you've got yourself the cutest and most unique Thanksgiving decor! 

The best part of this holiday party theme? The fun and easy Thanksgiving decoration DIY! 

Rachel Huntington Owner CEO of Bonjour Fete DIY Pumpkins

We made these blue toile and plaid pumpkins using acrylic paint, mod podge, and our blue toile napkins! We used foam pumpkins for this craft and lots of dusty blue and white paint. To paper mâche the toile pattern on, we pulled back the paper layer of the toile napkins and adhered the front to the surface of the pumpkin with mod podge.

These truly add such a unique twist on traditional Thanksgiving decor and make such make such a stunning statement on any holiday table. 

Another easy Thanksgiving table decoration - well presented food! Place some tasty treats on a cute dessert stand and call it a day! We ordered ours from Harry & David

But seriously, you put all this work into cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so it deserves to be shown off in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible! Thankfully, we have all sorts of festive dinnerware to serve as a stage for your delicious delicacies. Just imagine how heavenly your pie will look in this adorable pie dish!

Now let's dive in to the place setting and what your guests will be eating their festive feasts off of! These blue toile pumpkin plates are definitely the stars of the show. Not only are they perfectly on-theme, they also look like fine dinnerware! That means you can get the sophisticated Thanksgiving dinner look without all that dreaded cleanup! 

If you want a little more variety, these blue french toile plates pair beautifully with them as well! The more toile the merrier!

For the rest of this immaculate Thanksgiving tablescape, we used these matching blue toile party cups and napkins. And to tie it all together, we placed everything on these adorable pumpkin place mats

And since one cute Thanksgiving DIY isn't enough, we're sharing this super easy DIY holiday cracker! We made these festive templates in collaboration with The House That Lars Built so everyone can share in this classic Thanksgiving tradition! Just print, cut, fold, and fill and you've got yourself the perfect Thanksgiving party favor! Download link at the bottom of this post!

If you're not feeling up to crafting this holiday season, we've still got you! Serve your guests a slice of this sweet pumpkin pie pinata! Stuff them with some tasty treasures and send them home with your Thanksgiving guests!

You know we couldn't resist setting up a balloon garland in this color scheme. However, this Thanksgiving party is still so delightful in a minimalistic setting. Simply set up a few small fall decorations in coordinating blues and oranges, and your home is all ready for hosting! Easy Thanksgiving decor for the win! 

Rachel and daughter Audrey Huntington decorating at Bonjour Fete

We are over the moon about this aesthetic Thanksgiving theme and hope you try it out yourself this year! But whatever you decide to serve up this season, we're confident it'll be a holiday hit! Save us a seat?